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Holy fuck....Cedric the Entertainer!?

Well, my trip was somewhere between level 3 and 4, i'll say 4.

Well, my trip was somewhere between level 3 and 4, i'll say 4. I'd done shrooms twice before, first .75 g Amazonian cubensis, and then 1.5 g of the same type.

I'm 17, and live Michigan. For my third trip, I decided to up my dosage again. I'd be taking 2.5 grams Amazonian cubensis, and they were pretty strong shrooms. To intensify my trip and to increase visuals, I munched up my fungus and washed it down with lemon and lime juice tainted water. I also took 2500 mg Vitamin C (5 pills).

I was at my house in a comfortable environment, and my good friend Matt would be tripping tonight for the first time, on 1 gram of the same batch of shrooms. We picked out music, cleaned up my room, and got everything set. It was about 8:30 when we ate the mushrooms. I hadn't eaten since noon, and was on a severely empty stomach.

In my previous experiences, the shrooms came on very subtly at first, and then worked their way up. This time, it hit hard and fast (possibly due to the lemon/lime juice). About 20 minutes after eating them I had an intense body buzz, accompanied with vibrant colors. It felt great, and I knew the upcoming trip would be awesome.

About 30-45 minutes into the trip I finally experienced the fabled "breathing" of the walls. Everything became wavy and warped. My depth perception had strange bouts of zooming in and out; I'd stare at a wall and it would seem to come at me then distance itself from me. I was loving it!! I'd always heard about these things, but i never experienced them to this extent.

Since I was starving, and Matt was hungry too, we went downstairs to make a pizza, right after eating the shrooms. While eating the pizza is when i started to feel the effects. I had to talk to my mom, and with enormous effort I restrained from laughing in her face. I had no idea why, but laughter just poured out from me, and I was a jolly tripper. When I spoke, I also heard myself talk...almost from a distance. My voice felt foreign, and not mine. It was echoing in strange ways. An out of body experience, I suppose.

After eating the pizza, we headed upstairs to listen to some music and stare at the visualizer, and talk about what we were feeling so far. We also played with my dog and found that immensely entertaining. At around 10:00, we decided to smoke a bowl of weed, and that was just peachy. I think it synergized with the shrooms, and made my trip even more visual. Right when I was just starting to peak on the shrooms, and we had finished the weed, I saw my first hallucination-not just warping of what already existed. My bed first turned completely purple, then morphed into a floating carpet. I loved it!

Me and Matt decided it was time to go for an adventure! We were gonna go for a walk and smoke a bowl somewhere, or at least we originally intended to do that. What we actually ended up doing is roaming and running through a large plot of woods for almost 3 hours! Heh...I actually forgot to bring the weed. We walked a couple of blocks to the nature center, which seemed like a good place. There was a big locked fence preventing anyone from entering (it was about 11:30 at this time), so we just climbed over it. It was fun.

It was an absolutely gorgeous night...there was a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and it glimmered through the night to provide us ample light for our trekking through the dark woods. The sky was navy blue and rosy pink, with great visibility.

On the first trail, I stopped and looked down and noticed that I was surrounded by thousands of black writhing coat hangers. They were all around me on the ground, pretty bizarre indeed. We thought we heard a noise, and more for fun than because of fear, we ran. And we ran. And we ran. It was like a video game. My physical feelings seemed arbitrary; pain was apart from me. I astroprojected somewhat, as I was running. I could feel myself running, and I knew it was me, yet it was different. I was outside myself; I was a spectator watching myself run.

Every few minutes we would stop, when I saw something funny. I saw a group of three giant spruce trees, rustling and swaying about in the wind. I then tripped out really hard (I was screaming in disbelief loud as hell when I saw it) and saw three giant tree folk people, sort of like the ents in Lord of the Rings. They told me something along the lines of "welcome to our kingdom".

Next, as we came into a big field, I had an extraordinary visual-I was in a giant bowl of frosted shredded wheat!! It was actually a large field covered with tall stalky grass, and a fresh frosty layer of snow on top, but it tripped me out hard nevertheless.

We kept on delving deeper and deeper into the forest, we figured we'd be able to find our way back home somehow, we were in our hometown, after all. One a trail somewhere out there in the nature center, we came across a tree that just baffled me. I stared at it for about five minutes before proclaiming, "Holy fuck!....Cedric the Entertainer!?". The tree kept morphing into random objects before settling on cedric the entertainer, of all people. I found this shocking.

At around 3 or 4 in the morning, we finally made it out of the woods, and headed home. Me made up lots of food (including our first stab at weed cookies), before finally retiring for the night at around 5:30.

It was a totally awesome experience-vivid hallucinations, deep long conversations with Matt, incredible insight into life, and just a pleasant time overall.

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