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HighSchool Tripping

I'm on house arrest right now, and am writing this to pass some of the time.

I'm on house arrest right now, and am writing this to pass some of the time. I got in trouble AGAIN for drugs on the 23rd of December (last day before break). Great timing, huh? I've been in trouble before so that is why it happend like that. Anyway I go to McLean HS in McLean, VA. And i thought since it was last day before break that I would try shrooming at school. For all you morons who considered this, NEVER DO IT. It's great exhilarating fun if you dont get caught, but being in an environment with constant stimulus makes for the most unpredictable trip imaginable. I ate 6 grams dried, cause my pal told me that they weren't the strongest shrooms. I believed him. So I am sitting there in spanish, and I'm buzzing just slight, so i think itll be a great time... not too high, but cruising nicely. After first, when the bell rang and i stood up, it hit me... hard. I almost lost my balance getting out of my chair. Then as i entered the hall I found myself unable to stop staring wide-eyed at people. Needless to say, that drew some bad attention to me. There were these madd crazy tracers behind EVERYTHING> it made everything hard to see. I felt blinded by the mushrooms. I started sweating buckets and grabbing onto people. Somehow i managed to make it to my second class right on time. Its a miracle. But it would have been smarter to skip out of school right when I knew it would be too tough. I had to sit in that room while i was tripping a good level 4 already. I swear to GOD the teacher was staring at me. And i thought it would be least suspicious if i stared straight back, as painfully difficult as it was to do. I remembered my eyes were probly dilated as fuck, so i stopped. EVERYTHING was breathing. I said i had to go to the nurse's office. Without getting an answer from the teacher, I bolted out of the room. Trying to run down the hall, I smashed my self against the walls accidentally backk and forth on either side. One teacher person or something-- i couldnt see her face i was too messed-- saw me and started running to me, saying shit like "Oh my GOD! What are you on? I am taking you to the office!" It didn't register though. Not until i had already believed she was trying to kick my ass and i had pushed her to the ground. I kept trying to run. I stopped in the lobby, looking around to find an exit. The floor felt like it was going to drop out from under me. I was in a state of total panic. I was sweating and i felt stickly and sludgy and unable to move my feet from the exact spots where they wree plaanted. I imagine i stood there for like 5-6 minutes or something, but it felt like hours. Literally. My timing was all messed up i still am not sure exactly what period i ran out of. Its kind of a blur. I think 2nd. But i finally saw the doors, which were in front of me the whole time. I ran for them. I shoved open the doors, ran down the stair, felt the sunlight on me, felt the wind blowing, ran across the lawn, across a parking lot, it was like a dream. My legs didnt seem to be moving, i wasnt out of breath, i wasnt breathing at all. It felt like i was a cartoon or something. But then i felt a hand grab my neck so suddenly and with such force i thought i was going to die of shock. I looked around me, and i had run only from where i stood in the lobby, to about 8 feet away by the front doors. The schools cop had a strong hold of me. I swung at him, missed, spun to the floor. I felt like my heart was going to explode. I was going to die on the flooor. But it was OK because I knew that if i was dead, I couldnt be in any shit with the cops. I dont remember all that much afterward. I think i was sitting in the nurses' place for a long time, and then taken in the cop car to the hospital. The cop was asking me who sold me drugs, cause he had taken the rest of my shrooms and a few pills of E out of my pocket. I was still tripping pretty hard, though. I felt like i might get totally off the hook if i pretended to cooperate. So i described a fake drug dealer. I pictured Michael Jordan in my head, and described him. I said some 7 foot tall black dude with a stocking cap who hangs around the mclean basketball court. His name is Darnell. Hahaha. Anyway he bought it i think. At the hospital they stuck needles in me and stuff, i dont know why. But it was a total trip. Makes me want to try acupuncture while tripping (if i ever get the balls to do it again). Anyway i got home that night. Court summons in hand, I am writing this on the 2nd of january. Its a shitty deal. But i hope someone who reads this will learn something from it. and NEVER do what stupid crap i did.

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