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I'm going to tell 'yall about my favorite shroom trip.

I'm going to tell 'yall about my favorite shroom trip. It took place on a clear, warm night in September, 1998. I bought about 7-8 grams(1/4 ounce) of dried psilocybe cubensis. My former roommate, Kai had left from work early, I could hardly wait to start tripp'n. The minute he arrived at my dorm room, around 7:00pm, we slpit the quater and each ate about 3.5 grams with some peanut butter. This was going to be my fourth shroom trip and each time we ate the same amount. We also took 2 500mg vitamin C tablets that suposedily help with the visuals.

We walked over to a fountain on campus that was between two large, old buildings. We sat near the fountain, wating for the shrooms to work their magic. The effects began right on schedule, about 25 minutes after ingestion. The concret began to form patterns which started to ripple. I then noticed a tree behind one of the buildings was grwoing larger than before. We immediatly head back to my dorm, laughing hysterically the whole way home. This was going to be an interesting night.

When we arrived we turned the black lights on, light some candles, and turned on the lava lamp. My dorm room is a very trippy room. By far the trippiest room in our hall. I've got various psychedelic posters that react with the black light. Some are fractal designs and the like which do some really neat things under the influence of ethenogens and herb.

I noticed the room started to take on differnt angles and dimensions. The posters were rippling and moving around in the classic shroom-o-vision style. The candles cast huge shadows of the objects in my room. As it flickered, some really neat effects were produced. Kai put in some G.D. terrapin station. I never heard that song before b/c i was just getting into the dead. I closed my eyes and listened to this awesome trippy song as some beautyful 2-D images floated in the darkness of space.

Then we realized something. Terrapin station is a song that is a trip in itself. It starts out slow, building up to a peak, then comes down. very cool. The trip was really starting to get intense at this point. I remember looking at Kai, but his skin was rippling and when he smiled his smile streched out and looked really demonic. I got visuals similar to that in previous trips, so i wasn't worried.

We started to get a little restless, so we head over to my friend's apartment. Kai realized that he coudln't find his keys, so we searched the room for what seemed like hours. We went outside to see if they were left in Kai's car. I remember opening the door to the hall and looking at the carpet swirl and move up the wall. Then I saw my friend Hammer in his room, so I waved to him. As my hand went through the air, a trail followed it and blurred in front of the crazy, moving carpet. wierd.

His keys weren't in his car, so we went back to search for them. The hall as I knew it was defineilty not the same. I knew it was my hall, but it looked nothing like it, very unfamiliar. The keys were found in Kai's wind breaker. We were SO glad we found them! We laughed for quite a while until I realized that I have to pee, and bad. I went to the restroom and stood in front of the urinal, watching it shrink and expand, and grow. It felt like I was 8 feet tall and i was peeing into a pop can on the floor, and for a long damn time at that! I zipped up, whent to wash my hands and saw Sean, who lives next door to me. I could have simply shut up and left, but no, i had to make small talk. I thought that i could handle that task, so I said something like "Its so hot in here." He said "yeah" as if to humor me. I glanced in the mirror and noticed that i was sweating perfusily and my pupils were fully dialated. Sean had to know something was up. Oh well, my gain.

I made it back to my room, Kai and I gathered our stuff and went out the door to the apt. It was such a wonderful night; crecent moon, comfortable tempurature, and very clear. When i shroom, i always see a rainbow circle around any kind of light. It looks really cool, but Kai doesn't usually see that type of thing. Anyay, we decided to walk the mile or so and figured that it would do good for the trip.

The walk was the high point of the trip and marks the peak of the intensity. The entire world looked very strange. It's hard to describe, but i thought of everything looking as if i just bought a new graphics card for my brain. I could now seen in super-high resolution, an amazing visual that i never got before. everything had a very sharp, vivid quality to it. The colors of light from anywhere no longer looked like light, they looked solid, like something that could be broken. cars reflected all the lights and left trailers behind them as they passed us. My mind was racing and I tried to explain all the neat visuals i was seeing to kai, but had a hard time speaking. i would stuuter and stumble over my words in an attempt to speak a thousands thoughts a second.

We talked about many things, the whole walk was very enjoyable. I was comfortable and having a great time, hoping it would last for a long time. It will, we were only about 1.5 hours into the trip. We walked and talked about compuers and the recent advances in technology that baffled out minds. Then we reached an intersection that seemed impossible to cross. There were too many cars truning and driving around that it became very difficult to make to the other side. We waited for the right moment and bolted! The pavement seemed to raise and move as i ran across the street. The walk was an adventure.

We made it to the apt. and found our way through the halls of the complex. The carpet was acting up, so we looked down as we walked, wathing the carpet crawl and swirl. It seemed to take an hour to find the right room. So happy to finally get inside and sit down. My friends have many pets in the apt. They have lots of fish to look at and a cat to pet and mice to hold. I stared at the fish forever, wondering if they are actually thinking about swimming and eating, if they see colors, if they are totally oblivious to what's going on to them. One fish has a set pattern to his swimming, one is a big oscar, the king of the fish tank that eats the smaller tetras. very entertaining.

Their cat, erie, was very friendly. Cats are really fun to play with while tripping i found. Still seeing in high-rez so everything looked about ten times better than before. My friend and i decided to play some soul blade for the PS. i have never played as good as i did that night. I wasn't thinking about how to play it, moves just flowed out from my hands and to the controller. I was unstoppable, and i felt like my arms were separated from the rest of my body, on auto.

There were many people in the apt. but i knew most of them. They went to the soming room to try out some herb. They had about 15 grams of some really funky nugets from the hawaiian pinapple strain. very nice KB. I didn't smoke any, but the 3 footer was broke out with the 3 foot extension. now that's the way to smoke KB, one hit and you're out! I didn't want to ruin the awesome experince i was having. Plus i was still tripping hard, but began to get a hold of reality. Kai smoked some herb and said that it tasted amazing. I had a great time watching everyone take monsterous bong hits from the 6ft tube. The room was filled with the delicious smell of hiwaiian pinapple.

i love the feeling i get when i start to come down from shrooms. its like you reassemble all your thoughts about life, your body, and the universe that were broken up about an hour before. I really feel conident, i could handle anything, except more shrooms of course.

Kai and I got a ride back to my dorm around 2:00pm. We are both still going fairly strong. We decided to put on some ambient bob marley and play some N64 and talk about things. We did this until 5:00am, when the trip was coming to a close. I went to be before Kai, still seeing some patterns when i close my eyes. what a great time and my all time favorite trip.

I would have to say that 3-4 grams of p. cubensis is the perfect dose for me. I've tripped twice after that night, once much too intense (i ate way too much shrooms) and the other was on half a jell of LSD (my first and only cid trip) which was a lot of fun.

Thanx for reading the entire report. The greatest thing about shrooms is they can take an average, familiar setting and completely alter it, making the setting and experice unforgettable. I would really like to shroom at an amusement park like cedar point. that would be something...

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