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Hello God

Ok so I did some shrooms.

Ok so I did some shrooms. It was a monday night and I had just bought a 1/8 of high quality AND I MEAN HIGH QUALITY shrooms. So I was all ready to trip. I smoked about 1/8 of Dank buds with my friend, drove home totally stoned and remembered i had the shrooms and a 4 oz bottle of RoBo. I drank the robo ate the shroom drank a shit load of Orange juice and just chilled. Well I didnt feel anything for about a hour but I was real stoned so it was all good. I was gettin kinda of impatient so I decided to go for a walk in the forest out back. NOT A GOOD IDEA WHEN YOU ARE TOTALLY BAKED AND ABOUT TO TRIP NUTZ. Well just my luck as soon as i got into the forest it started to rain and lightning and all that good shit. It was real warm and a nice hard rain. ALL OF A SUDDEN I STARTED TRIPPIN NUTZ . I remember talking to a tree about the possibility of time travel. Thats all I remember but that trip was great. I woke up the next morning in the forest all wet and I was up in a tree. Who knows?

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