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Heaven and Hell

The other day me and my cousins decided to trip.

The other day me and my cousins decided to trip. They had never tripped before and I had just finished my first batch ever of Psilocybe cubensis. These things were super potent we each injested about 1/8th...thirty minutes later we started to trip hard. The first thing we saw was the door begin to breathe(which was not that unusual for me on hrooms). I started to think that these "home grown" shrooms sucked until we smoked some chronic bud. This jumped us from a level 2 to a level 4 trip. My cousin and I thought we had died and were in a spiritual limbo. My cousin and I agreed that time ceased to exist and hat we had to be dead. We bought a glow stick earlier that day and took it out and played with it. It was pretty cool, definately a good trip toy. The rest of the trip was very strange. My cousin and I started on the conversation about existence and why are we here. We came to the idea that life is one big trip and when we die we just start on another one. The rest of the trip is vauge and I won't try to explain it.

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