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First and last trip

It all started when i was over at a friends house with alot of people.

It all started when i was over at a friends house with alot of people. We all decided to do shrooms...i have never done them before while everyone else had..but i was soo excited cuz i had heard all good things about them. So, I ate 2 stems and half a cap at around 6pm. Me and a friend decided to go into town bcuz we got told they take about an hour to start kicking in...on the way back from town, my body started feeling weird and my chest started hurting but i was laughing soo much taht everything was funny. I was like yea this is awesome. After getting back to my friends house, everyone else was trippin and i just couldnt sit still. I had so much energy and couldnt quit laughing. And then one of my friends shirt started changing colors. And i noticed the carpet was doing something weird. I walked back to the bathroom too look at my pupils and saw nothing but blackness..I seen one of my "sober" friends and they looked like a zombie coming after me. I ran into the living room and seen posters of 2pac melthing...i felt as if i needed fresh air so i walked outside and looked at the weirdness of the grass and this dandelion glowing like flourecsent like...I started to feel so tired all of the sudden so i went to go inside to lay down...I touched the door and apparently i had a seizure. After being woke up out of that and being informed of my seizure i started freakin out. I ran to my house and ran into my step dads room and told him everything and begged and begged him to take me to the E.R. so they could get rid of this. I kept telling him i hated the shrooms and wanted everything to go away. He told me to drink milk cuz it would make them go away sooner...so i chugged a whole gallon of milk (which i actually hate) I sat in his room with him making him watch over me to make sure i didnt die. I kept seeing the dots in the wood of his dresser move like lil ants. i kept swatting at them and there was a guy sitting in the chair that just stared at me. My step dad kept asking me if the guy was making me mad and i said no (laughing) while everything was moving and changing different colors, i made sure i was at all times touching my step dad...just to make sure i was still there with him. After i started coming down...i decided to make a journey to the bathroom...while inthere.. this purple butterfly started gettin on my nerves and i kept swatting at it and ran back into my step dads room yelling a butterfly was chasing me. Finally i decided to head back to my friends house cuz i felt like i was fine. After getting out of the house, that butterfly chased me the whole way over there. I ran inside and slammed the door and sat on the couch. I seen this crack form inthe wall and then like the blackness of the crack just warped around me and everything was black. Finally I sat up, and looked around and my trip was over...THANK GOODNESS!!!!! I felt so relieved and i will NEVER do them again! and neither will my friends b/c of me...

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