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Hawaiin without experience? Bad Idea!!!Bad Trip!!!

I was at this party last year in december and i remember thinkin that it would be pretty good to try shrooms after my paraents had mentioned them 2 me.

I was at this party last year in december and i remember thinkin that it would be pretty good to try shrooms after my paraents had mentioned them 2 me. I began to a little research on them and thought that they would only produce mild hallucinations like morphing objects and a lot of colours and shit. So i weas at this party and this girl i had recently bin talkin to at school had brought a bag of blue hawaiians with her so i thought i'd get in on it and take some. I sat down next to her and started munching on them with a beer, i ate about 4 i think. After that i was expectin to feel something better than laugfhing for about a minute and hightened senses.

After that night i felt god and thought i quite like these think i'll try them again. So the next month i bought 15g of hawaiian blue and 20g of phillipine shrooms and went to my mates house who had no idea about them but trusted me. So we're both stood there muchin on these shrooms nearly bein sick and i'd bought 8 cans of fosters and he had a couple of spliffs. Anyway about 30 minutes in i started to feel different and really wanted to listen to some music, where as he just wanted to keep moving n walk all the time.So i went home and brought some of my metal cd's with me and put them on which seemed like a good idea at the time as well as bringing south park the movie round (what was i thinking?) So as the trip progressed my body started to feel a bit high and i wanted to move and my mate was running round like a dog with a firework up it's ass.

Weboth started laughin all of a sudden in the hallway and he fell over and couldn't stop luaghing and couldn't breath he was that bad and we was doin this for about 15 minutes. Then another lad who was with suggested that we shut up, said somethin about tony bklair and it helped us calm down. Thern we decided to smoke the slpliffs.

So we sit down with r beers and these splkiffs and then i knew that the trip was starting because my eyes started going strange and i remember everythin was going brighter. My mate thought that he couldn't breath properly and kept saying he didn't like it but soon got over it and i was just sat there thinkin jesus this is somethin new! so i finish the spliff off and i started moving my hand in a wave motion and then i rememeber everythin dimming and i kept focusing on my arm n hand and it was moving in a wave motion which felt like it was moving through space cps there was these sprkling lights all over. I started laughin n then looked up to see my friend who had not taken the shrooms on the bed lookin like he was half human, half horse, had a garden on his head and was surrounded by a yellow and purple haze. I just kep pointin n laughing and he got all uncomfortable!

Anyway i needed the bathroom about 10 mins after the spliff and i put the prodigy on 'smack my bitch up' and then went to the toilet and all the shampoo bottles were turnin into faces and found it hard to piss so i stopped doin that and and went back into the room and my mate was gettin worse and just could not stop moving around. By this time i was gettin worried and to make it wrse he was scared of me and thought my head was growing so i started gettin paranoid. So i'm there in the house gettin worried then the movie (south park) was at the devil bits and i could hear ppl screaming which i tried to block out. So i laid on the bed and when i closed my eyes it was like i was walking into a dungeon so at this point i was thinkin to myself, shit, BAD TRIP! I tried to think happy thoughts but it wasn't working, my body felt unbelievably heavy and i began to really worry but kept it to myself. I went downstairs to grab a beer and when i opened it, it started squirtin everywhere and my mate started saying, 'what you doin' 'stop it, put it down, for fuck sake just put it somewhere' so at that point my brain went into overdrive and looked at him and got ready to hit him cos he was not helping the situation...and then it hit. I walked away and sat on the stairs, barely able to move my body it felt that heavy, my heart racing, my temperature rising, i was sooo hot. My hair seemed to be soaked within to minutes and i remember thinkin that i was going to die, i was thinkin about how i'd let my family and girlfriend down and how i shouldn't have taken them. the anxiety and paranoia was awful, my friends just wathced lookin extremely worried and all i thought i could say was, i'll be alright it's just a bad trip but in my mind i thought this is it, wrong move, pay the price.

I could stand the temperature no more so i went outside and sat on the wet floor with my head in my hands thinkin all these negative things that i couldn't snap out of. When i began to realise that i hadn't gone into shock, was vomiting or my heart was slowing down i looked up and the clouds were morphing into these jagged, red objects and then they began to look like faces of evil and were just waiting like vultures to take me (what i was thinking) just everything around me seemed like these evil faces.

Then i just got up without my shoes and went ho,e next door, ran upstairs and laid in my room with all my posters looking at me. Through the paranoia they seemed as though they were staring at me with worried faces as though my face was wrong, as though there was something terrible about to happen.

After that point the paranoia and anxiety lasted for another hour or so and i could still feel the effects about two hours after.

This was a trip that started good but ended badly through being stupid and showing a lack of care. I have never been so scared in my life and really did think i was going to die. I would recommend that anyone willing to try this type of shroom do so with a good level of research and have done mushrooms of a reasonable strength before. Blue hawaiians are among, if not the strongest you will be able to get your hands on, definately not one i'll be trying again!!!!!

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