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Harry Pothead

Finding time in our busy schedule was hard.

Finding time in our busy schedule was hard. Finally my parents left for the weekend, and me and my friend (Alex), decided to shroom at my house. The only problem was that at 12 o-clock my grandmother was supposed to come and sleep over.

The plan was that we would get to my house at 7pm, shroom, and even if we're still trippin my friend would go home and I would just go to sleep before my grandmother comes.

Me and my friend picked up 7 grams of shrooms and 2 grams of very good dro that day. On the way home we also rented Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter to watch while we trip.

So there we were sitting at my kitchen table staring at 2 portions of shrooms (3.5 grams each, EXACTLY), and 2 grams of weed. But how to take the shrooms? Since all the other times we shroomed we just ate them we decided to try taking them another way this time. I took out my blender and poured half a glass of orange juice and threw in my portion of the shrooms, after they were blended I did the same for my friend. We drank our "coctails" and my friend started to roll blunts.

Now, since all the other times we shroomed we always had about 45 minutes after we ate the shrooms to roll and smoke. But this time was different. Since the shrooms were in smaller pieces I guess they got digested faster, because half-way through the rolling process the trip started coming on. I told my friend to forget the rest of the weed and just go and smoke what he had already rolled. He agreed, so we stumbled into my parents bedroom and and lit up the blunt, By this time we have already started tripping, and for some reason the smoking process was a little unsettling for me so we decided to just forget it and go and watch the movies.

We stumbled back to the living room and got comfortable. We decided to first watch Lord of the Rings. If you've never seen Lord of the Rings you should know that the very beginning starts out with scary monsters and goblins and all that shit. When that showed up on the screen me and my friend looked at each other and at the same time said " FUCK this pop in Harry Potter !!!". So out went Lord of the Rings, and in went Harry Potter.

Again we settled in and started watching the movie. 10 minutes into the movie and I have started to REALLY trip. I felt as if I have grown attached to the couch and that I have blended in with it. It was not an unpleasant feeling, it actually felt very warm and relaxing. The only thing that was actually going wrong was that my stomache felt a little usettled. But I soon forgot about that.

20 minutes into the movie and I decide that I really have to go piss. So I communicate my intended movements to my friend and walk to the bathroom. I came in and turned on the lights. Now...most people ussually say that you should stay away from the mirror. But somehow I felt drawn to look into it. As I took a peek at first I just saw my reflection stare back at me, but then I saw the "me" in the mirror smile and take his hand (that was out of view) and show me a handful of shrooms, and tell me that everything is going to be alright in my life, and that shrooms will look out for me. I felt very relieved and warm inside. I sat down on the toilet to piss ( I was afraid that standing might mess up the pissing process somehow).

I think that I started tripping really hard while taking that piss, because at this point I could not tell if my eyes were open or closed...and the sounds that I heard turned into to colors.

I left the bathroom and went back into the living room. The movie was amazing, it felt so real. In part of the movie there is a couple of scenes with this cat that spies for the janitor of the school, so I decided for some reason that my cat was in cahoots with the cat from the movie. And I asked my cat why? My cat told me that it just looks out for the interests of humans, and that it really doesn't have bad intentions, even though little kids might think so. So I decided that my cat was right, and left it alone. In the end of the movie when Voldemort is searching for the stone, my cat showed up again, and while it was just sniffing around, to us it seemed like it was looking for the stone, so me and my friend just watched my cats movements and kept telling it "Nope the stone's not there.....Nope not there either..." and so on.

The movie ended and we were still tripping hardcore. So we decide to just sit around and talk. This is when we peaked and it felt like we entered a whole other level. At this point I had a little difficulty remembering who I was, and WHAT I was. It made me a little nervous, but my friend just told me to relax and that everything will be alright. He reminded me that this should be an enjoyable expierience and that I should just relax and explore. I agreed to explore...and apparently I said something like "I like it here (meaning the new level we reached)...I feel like I have MAD power..." and my friend told me that I should try something. I agreed to this emmiediately. I tried to concentrate on something really hard....and whatever it was, I saw it or heard it or smelled it. Like I looked at the door to my room and I thought about one of my best friends Max, and I saw him open the door and say wassup to me, but as soon as I thought about something else the last thing I thought about seemed to disappear.

But then the worst thing that could have happened, happened....THE PHONE RANG. I forgot to disconnect it. It was my grandmother, asking how I was. I told her that everything is alright, and she reminded me that she was going to be there at 12 o-clock.

After hanging up the phone I was very nervous and upset. Every time I would look at the clock it would say 10 o-clock but for some reason I couldn't figure out how much time we had left before my friend should leave. So I asked my friend how much time we have, and he mumbelled something like " What is time anyway.....it has no meaning....it's just there...".

Then I realized that everything is going to be alright and that we (humans) are one whole, and that nothing will ever seperate us. That everything would be alright, because even though we seem like different people we are part of the whole and that this entity will never do anything to hurt it's whole self. And that people dying is like cells of our bodies dying, we know that they die and we can't and won't do anything about it, and in general it does not hurt the whole body when a few skin cells or other types of cells die, we don't even notice it.

After relaying all this to my friend (which agreed with me completely) we decided that it was time for him to leave. So we cleaned up the house (Still trippin level 2 style). He left and I just made my grandmother the bed and after having a couple of cigarrettes went to sleep.

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