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happy turkey day


hehe... well, we had a big Thanksgiving party for all our friends who didn't have anywhere else to go. Everything went well and people had fun. As it was winding down, around 8pm or so, a friend of mine mentioned he would like to do a hit of acid and offered me one too. A couple of hours later it was coming on somewhat but really rather mild. Lots of giggling and some distortion of the senses. He had some shrooms as well, so we decided to do those too. By this time the only people left were me, my girlfriend, him and his wife, and another friend of ours. There was enough to go around for everyone. They were very fresh tasting and I ate about 3 stems and caps. Within about 20 minutes I was starting to trip pretty hard. The atmosphere seemed charged with smoke and high-pressured gas. Each person in the room took on a new significance, and for a brief time I felt I was in the presence of an amazing positive energy. I tried to play a cd but it was difficult to load one in because the colors dripped and ran all over the floor. I looked at my friend Kim and she melted away too. Suddenly it got worse, so I managed to say that I had to go upstairs to my room. I struggled up there, and the room had taken on a garishly red quality, with everything arranged in patterns. I collapsed on the bed, and within minutes I lost all sense of the outside world. I don't remember thinking anything at that point (being unable to think) but only existing in a swirl of geometric patterns. The next thing I remember is having a sort of mind orgasm that went on for what seemed ages. My girlfriend had come upstairs and was trying to reach out to me. I remember biting down on the pillow and going through wave after wave of this intense ecstacy stronger than any orgasm I ever had. This must have gone on for a while, because when I finally came to (so to speak), my girlfriend had fallen asleep, and everyone was gone. I got up and went downstairs to pee. In the dark, my body was glowing phosphorescent blue, and I felt completely weightless. I reached for my cat, and my hand went right through him. At that point I started to get worried, wondering if maybe I had died and was now a ghost. I turned on a light, but even with the light on it seemed I lived in a shadow world, lost in a dimension outside of the fabric of everyday life. I went and watched the clock in the kitchen, which didn't move for several minutes. At that point I was convinced I was dead and was now a spirit in the house. I felt some relief, thinking that if nothing else at least I was trapped somewhere familiar. I went back up stairs and tried to wake my girlfriend, but couldn't get to her. I laid down and waited for dawn, with my last hope being that if I were alive, I would be able to see the sunlight. After a long time of this, I sort of came around to the realization that everything was probably okay. I got up, went to the bathroom, turned the light on (I could see the light again) and stood there watching myself morph into an old man, into a young man, etc. That I could handle, and I knew that I must be alive and would be coming down eventually. I went back upstairs and looked out the window, happily watching the lights and buildings shimmer in patterns and wonderful colors. I never did sleep that night, and didn't feel completely back to normal until about 3pm the next day.

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