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Hans dick and this piss adventure

Well, me and my firends "mostly every day smoked pot" so one day after a lunch sesh my friend "DimWad" in the middle of math class just descided he wanted to do shrooms, I replyed are you fucking crazy?

Well, me and my firends "mostly every day smoked pot" so one day after a lunch sesh my friend "DimWad" in the middle of math class just descided he wanted to do shrooms, I replyed are you fucking crazy? and i did not want to do them for a few days. like 3 days after he told me he wanted to do them me and him where walkin home and he started tellin me all these trip repots on this site and it just fucking pumped me up into doing em.. so we'd talk and talk about them and we waited a good 3-4 months trying to get some, of course it took long because we never told our weed dealer we wanted some lmao.. so we then told bonzo we wanted to do em and he was up for it, he asked a few people at school, and ofcourse he told us he can get some, so dimwad gave bonzo money to et some and i was broke, anyways bonzo obviously didn't get any.. about 2 weeks later we were chill'n at dimwads listen to some tunes, when our deal calls up and says she has got some shrooms, come buy some b4 im out, so ofcourse we told our parents somthin like "hey can i have money to o to the movies" or what not, we all got the money and where off to et the shrooms we have allways wanted. we all bought half quater.. and we pland to do it the following monday on the march break of 06'. i woke up at 6 am and headed to dimwad's at 7:30.. me (APE),Dimwad,and bonzo put em down like nothing.. although they tasted like pure ass, so we turn on some tunes and where playing aminal crossing for gamecube nice game i'd say, so about 30 mins later i started noticeing the coulors on the game eting brighter and i was like wow, dimwad was sitting on the bet and bonzo was playing the game, out of nowhere dimwad was like holy shit HOlly Shiiittt and we were like what?, he just said yeah man there kicking in and i was like why'D you just say holy shit? :S he said that the sticker had moved from one spot to the other , but he saw it in the corner of his eye, still a hillusination i guess, so we moved on in to the living room cuz dimwads celing is fucking tripy so me and bonzo are layin on the ground/sofa and lauging for a good 15 mins stright we where being so loud then dimwad ot all piss and putled a kinfe on us to et out cuz we where to loud then he just kept changing his moods to mad then happy, then we sat by the computer and i told him lets watch sick animations, i could not talk properly, so we where unna go to the site then forot about it 2 seconds later, and then rember'd oh wth we where supposed to watch sickanimation then we where like lmao what ever lets o out side, so we where about to go outside and dimwad looked in the missor and said holy shit i just saw like a wisord dude, so we where like what ever lets go, as we where oin down the stairs i just felt like i could do anything and not et hurt, so we whent out side and we where walkin down the street and there was this pond like thing on the road we all saw it was werid, and cars where avoiding it then it really started to kick in, in 2 seconds i would go from being there with bonzo and dimwad, to being there but not seeing them and talking to myself, it was quite hard to get back to dimwad's house.so we got back and we sat down everythin was breathing i keept needing to take a piss but i had that feeling that you ned to take a piss so bad but theres no wasroom around this was because i though if i went into the washroom i would disaper and i was scared shitless, so i held it in, and looked at the celing colours were falling down, it was the most amazing thing ever, we went back out side on a trip to bonzos house. and oh boy was that a fun adventure so we are on our way and bonzo was just tripp'n bawls and we ot to some park when this hilloution we all saw to.. about 4-5 f your hair strands would point up like static , and it was outlined in raindbows with gold back ground, dimwad was trippin and said that the background of my face was all tiedie and my face kept morfing .. we kept walkin and finaly ot to bonzos, everythin was so colourfull and rainbows where everywhere, so we went in bonzo's hottub , it was so refreshing we just kept staring at the grass and its was just amazing, everything was breathing colours where everywhere, and this was when we started burning out, then dimwad pointed out a pond in the sky, but only he saw it, me and bonzo where like wth? lets o make pizza, and thats my first trip, alot more stuff i didnt add, just tolazy to keep typeing

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