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Halloween 2002

So there i was sitting in my last class of the day(construction) thinking about the night at hand.

So there i was sitting in my last class of the day(construction) thinking about the night at hand. I was so excited because i knew my friend robin had three ounces of weed, That he wanted to smoke. As soon as the bell rang we all meet up at the front doors but things were not going as plan because robin and calen fucked off somewhere so it was just me and david but we soon meet up with our friend that had a quarter pound, yeah that's right a quarter pound. And he wanted to get high as a motherfucker so me him david and a few others all went over to another friends house to smoke some pot. we got there and he pulled out the biggest bag i have ever seen in my life it was awsome, so to start it off we smoked about six phat joints rolled in my watermelon flavored papers, then we all decided we should roll a ounce doobie so about a good twenty minutes later we had a ounce doobie being passed around, after that we all left the house but soon later it was just me and david again. But then we got so lucky and spotted robin and calen walking down the street we called them over, then we went trick or treating with them (me and david just watched were a little to old for that shit, robin and callen are three grades below us) then robin and calen chowed down about two grams each of mushrooms, then i decided i wanted to eat some but for some reason robin wouldn't give me the little bit that was left in his bag(about two or three grams).so after about twenty minutes of bagging him he gave me the mushrooms. I ate half of what he gave me and decided to make the rest into tea, soon after we were at davids house i could already feel the mushrooms kicking in(it's been over a month since my last mushroom trip) So i made the rest of my mushrooms in tea, and you know how tea just fucks you right up. I drank the cup then decided to go roll up some joints so me and calen went into the bathroom to roll up some fatties as i was rolling i looked into the mirror and started to trip out hardcore i mean it was fucked,i seen like one hundred of my faces soon the mirror started swirling into a circle then out of no where i burst out laughing which made calen start to laugh the next thing you know we couldnt stop finally i decided i had to get out of there. so i went to the living room and the movie bats was on, so i sat down and started watching all of a sudden everything started melting and i couldn't see anything it felf like i was in my own world that was nothing but swirling colous and shapes it felt like my i was deaf i couldn't hear the t.v or any of my friends at this point whick freaked me out then just like that i snapped out of it and i was in the right world. after that we went outside to go smoke two fatties one was cherry flavoued and the other watermelon, and a captain black cigar hollowed out filled with bud. we got back to my friends house and decided i wanted a small crispy crunch so i stick it my mouth and i remember telling david i forgot how to eat so i spit it out and relized it was time for me to go home(i'm on probation so i have to be home at nine) so i left and went to the corner store which my parents were going to be picking me up, there they were i got in the car and started tripping out hardcore all the way to our house(we live out of town so it's like a ten minute drive)we got home and i started watching t.v. Beetle juice now i never seen this movie before so it scared the shit out of me when beetle juice turned into a worm because his head popped out of the t.v. and just stared at me so i got up and ran to the t.v. and shut that fucking thing off. I went upstairs and laid in bed for about two hours(just like every time i do mushrooms)and i hate it so much because all you do is worry about shit then you start thinking how dumb you are because you smoke weed which makes you want to quit and shit like that. But i finally fell asleep.

This is like my sevenith time doing shrooms and this is one of my favorite trips so far.And here is some adviced if you have not already tried mushroom tea i suggest you try it.Oh yeah one more thing once you hit the climax of your trip go stare at youself in the mirror(the most trippy thing i have ever experienced on mushrooms)And one more thing if you want to contact me for any reason. cronic_snoop@msn.com

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