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Half an 1/8 of Shrooms

Me and my friend Tim were trying to find shrooms for a while now and out of the blue Tim's friend says he is selling an 1/8 for $45 so we bought it and took them around 11 AM the next day.

Me and my friend Tim were trying to find shrooms for a while now and out of the blue Tim's friend says he is selling an 1/8 for $45 so we bought it and took them around 11 AM the next day. We ate them at the local playground, all i ate them with was strawberries which didn't help mask the horrible taste. So with an empty stomach we each had half. Like 4 caps and a lot of stems. It kicked in like 45 mins. later and at first i felt really sick and high as if i smoked some weed. Then i started to trip thinking of crazy things while looking at a pile of sand, i felt like i shrunk and was in the sand in a desert and a camal, then i sat up on the bench and watched the sky fly by very fast because the clouds were at lightening speed. Then i kept saying to myself "Please dont be long" meaning for the shrooms to kick in but they already had but i didnt realize it, so i kept saying the phrase which is also the chorus to "Blue Jay Way" by The Beatles which is one of their trippiest songs. So i just listened to my Ipod and heard hippie songs like music from Strawberry AlarmClock and Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, etc... So my friend Tim was in bad shape, he threw up a lot and i also threw up later on but not as much. He became really hyper and i was just out their in another world. We went to this girl Gina's house where i hit the climax and was watching The Mars Volta concert live on a On Demand show with a big screen TV. First, the sounds were so powerful and then their afro hair 3-D like came out of the TV and then they completely came out right in front of me, the bass player was half in and half out of the TV. My eyes were wide and i was speechless and in shock, time was so slow, a half hour seemed like weeks. So i tried to sleep and when i closed my eyes i saw thousands of people covered in gold standing in church pews staring at me and pointing, i freaked and opened my eyes. Then i saw on the coffee table a flower arrangement that was dancing and singing, so i looked at this rope and the floor and it turned into a snake. These things didnt really scare me b/c i was still aware of what i was on. My friend Gina gave me a glass of water and it started breathing. So i went to the bathroom to collect my thoughts and i looked in the mirror and saw myself completely different. My eyes grew one big and one small then switched. My face wasn't solid, it was liquidy and my eye slide down my check like a runny egg, i just laughed it off and went back down the steps. I started feeling uncomfortable inside b/c it was a nice day and i was enjoying nature. The colors were normal though. I went to the porch listened to The Doors "The End" and i thought i was dead and moved to another place. I came to and saw my girlfriend and then for some reason i left everyone, i was annoyed by everything and wanted to be alone. So i walked away and they were all scared but i didnt care. I knocked for my friend Chris who plays the guitar for my band and had a full conversation with his dad and found out he wasnt home. Somehow he didnt realize i was fucked up but i just kept on walking and i was back to normal. The next day i felt great and i remember almost everything. My friend Tim was robbed of a trip cause he threw up too soon but i was also disappointed to some degree. I wanted to talk to God and have strong visuals. It was an all around good time and it only lasted like 4-6 hours. Next time i want a hit of LSD or a least a full 1/8 and alot of grass. And im not spending 45 again, mabe like 30-35. For all those tripping, watch ur environment, and the people your with. Everyone sound be tripping because straight Gina brought my high down. Pick a nice warm day and be in a safe place in nature and find Peace and Love. Im also looking for Peyote Cactus (Mescaline) so i can trip like Jim Morrison but i cant find it. Tripping can show you that you can have infinite potential and all things are possible. Jesus could have been human, mabe he just used all his brain potential and thats why he was so calm and hippie-like. Thats it for me, be yourself, find yourself. Its all about PEACE LOVE and Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll.

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