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First Acid Trip

This was my first trip ive ever done, I was with my friends Tim and Ali.

This was my first trip ive ever done, I was with my friends Tim and Ali. It was Tims first time also, Ali has done it many times so he took 2 sugar cubes and got a 40 bad. We went around into giant a little while later and i started to get a "high" feeling. When we got the orange juice to quench our thirst we started to roll a bobb, we were in our first stage of our trip when everything starts to get really bright and everything that we heard was distorted. we smoked the joint and drank a carton on OJ. later we went to the "laying feild" where we took some bowl hits and layed down and took a cloud trip for a few minutes. What i was wild. I was the Clouds turn into evil clowns, dead people, and other gory thinga, i though it would be a bad trip. I then started seeing words in the clouds. The words that had to do with war so I though i was a soldier in the war. I thought i shot all the neighbors and i was paranoid at that time. we went home and had a ceiling trip for an hour or so. that was the best. the ceiling was one of the once that looks like the paint is dripping. the was mosing in every direction at the same time it was crazy. we smoked some more and i was feeling really burnt. Ali took a nother two trips so he was tripping for a long ass time. i will do acid again but not today or tomarrow, after school if over i will trip, probably on the last day of school. lol

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