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Let me start off by saying last night was pretty/incredible/fucked up.

Let me start off by saying last night was pretty/incredible/fucked up. I was takin choclate whitechoclate i might add shrooms. I had bout a little more than 1/8 and it was my first time. So i wuz at my boys house and we was sitting there just chillin. So i sparked up a joint to pass time. Well we decided to go outside and smoke it. After we got done i could feel th shrooms kick in. After silence i could tell the rest of my boys were fucked up to. For some time there i thought they were made of lego pieces and i was trippin thinkin i was being played by some other kid and i was just a lego piece being played with sittin on the bench. (no i dont play with legos, never have either) later on after that i thought that my body had died somewhere and i was reincarnated with the bench iw as sitting in. Thought my boys were there to and that we just sat there forever and listen to the wind. I for a second thought i was in hell as a fucking bench just waiting and waiting and waiting. We snapped out that one and got up and went back inside. there mis when our shrooms were starting to peak. We put some kind of incredible game. I dont know what is was but it kind of on the lines of a tekken game to get you idea of the effects and stuff with with alot of graphics. There i thought my life was gone and that i just woke up in another world playing video games and that my past life was all just one big ass fucking dream and that i was really meant to sit at home all day everyday playing video games. The sounds we did to select a fighter were crazy, we would sit there for like ever and pick our people and just make the sounds of going all oiver the place, really fucks with your head. Then i started to get scared and thought my past life is never going to come back and that i may be somewhere else in life shootin something up or taking something very serious and that im addictive or something and stuck in this other life and that i would wake up in that life and realize my parents are gone or g/f and im a 30 somethin year bum on the sidewalk when im 18. So i tryed to come back to reality and asked my boy when i would come down, he said its alright they come down slow and in an hour. So that made me better cuz it reminded me we did just take a drug and it was ok to feel fucked up. So i wanted to come back faster and started to pull my phone out and look at numbers and names i know, but something strange happened and suddenly i felt like i was in a video game now, and right when i was about to open my phone my boys walked away saying they gotta get away or something and i thought that me about to look at something from my past life was going to make everything crash including the game i was in at that moment and that i was going to go crazy so i put my phone back up and didnt look at anything. So now nothin much really happened afterwards, they started takin me home and that was my last tikme i was fucked, when i was paranoid as hell, and the weirdest thing happened last, i thought that when ppl die of doing drugs, they know it in advance and try to stop it before the death actually happens by praying or something and that if you dont then your dead, so iw as getting freaked out, thinking that i knew my friend was about to have a terrible wreck, so i prayed to myself and watched every move he made. so i got back to the house, lyaed down on my bed and just fell asleep and woke up the enxt day in my real life and loved it and dont know if ill do shroomyz again.

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