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For me setting the scene is important.

For me setting the scene is important. If I want a spiritual trip then I psych myself up for it. I even write down the questions I would like answers to. It is very personal and I don't use a sitter. I have confidence know I will be OK as long as have the courage to be honest and face any truth that comes.

This time I set up my bedroom with candles, sounds, water etc and prepared to depart....One hour in after taking a handfull of mushrooms i began to lift off. A sudden rush, waves of light.....If I close my eyes it is different and more an internal experience. Before I do this I enjoyed a laugh over the music and looking at myself in the mirror....talking to myself about silly stuff and making faces as if my head is made of play-doe.

Then the trip picks up and I find myself transported to another dimension. There is always a person there for me who is a bit scary because he is so hard to read and I know he is such a superior being and can read me like a book. There are no secrets here. I find it hard to describe him because he is vague to me afterwards. Sometimes I call him the mushroom man, but I have seen him before during a powerful pyscic reading. He is a guide. I have to believe he is looking after me and wants only to be of help although he is tough in his honesty. The whole surroundings are strange. Sort of red and gold with an Indian (Eastern not Native American) vibe to it. I have to concentrate to see it and other information starts to come in anyway which is more important. Answers. Guidance. This trip I get a kind and loving kicking about some stuff that goes on with me. (private OK !) and I know I need to drop it so that free up energy wasted on that persuit.

Also some wild stuff about a carear choice that I am finding really hard to make. Really showing me that I should go with a music web site start up that I am involved with because the MD is a good guy and together we can do something good for alot of people as well as getting seriously rich.

I feel like that episode of next generation where these clicky aliens are taking the crew and examining them and doing wierd experiments on them while they are semi-conscious but it is just fear that makes me scared about this sometimes. These guides know so much more than I do and I want to trust them. Also sometimes it is hard to carry through on the personal stuff I see I should do.

I start to come down and it is a little sad because I won't go back for a while. At least a month. I feel really good, I munch on some chocolate and drink water. Get into the music again and think about the insites I got. My thinking midn goes into overdrive then just getting lots of ideas from the trip. The main deep vision lasted about an hour or two then it is just light and fun and I laugh alot. Everything is funny like the candle in the room looks like a mushroom and so does the flame.

I know people take them for fun and I have done that but to me now (I'm 35) it is like a phone call to the universe where I get to see what I need.

Great Site - Thanks alot to all who make it happen and thanks to the Dutch people for making it easy to get mushrooms !

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