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Green Friend/Wavy Ground/Lego Man

A few weeks ago me and my buddies (P,B,C and L) were bored and decided to pick up about 15g's of shrooms for a good night.

A few weeks ago me and my buddies (P,B,C and L) were bored and decided to pick up about 15g's of shrooms for a good night. We left B's house around 4 and started walkin to the mall at the other end of town..we ate them soon as we left.

They started kicking in for me in a bout a 1/2 hour, C's kicked in a bit earlier then mine and he was jumping around, he grabbed me and screamed this is awesome! Soon as he grabbed me he turned Greenish and scared the shit out of me and i started swingin my fists to get him off of me..i decked him once and almost started fighting but he relized it was a accident.

A bit farther up the road we stopped at this place to smoke a joint cuz P wasnt feelin anything yet..i was just sitting down on a step and soon as i took that first puff of the joint the ground in front of me started growing tall white grass and the ground broke apart and started waving like a big ocean or something. That fascinated me so i started crawling on the ground so i could touch it.

Once we finally got up to the mall i realized i was in no state to be there, i didnt know what was happening and i was thinking the weirdest thoughts about life ever, i cant even remember but i know that i didnt know who i was or why i was at the mall...

Once all that started to die down i smoked another joint and went back in...that was insane. I was sitting in a chair and everything looked normal except me, i was looked all Blocky, almost like a Lego Man.

Once i got home i felt really depressed though, i grabbed my bass guitar, tuned my top string as low as it could go and just sat there staring at the ceiling hitting it over and over thinking about if i was ruining my life with drugs...i woke up the next morning and relized that was silly talk and smoked a big fatty...this weekend were gettin an ounce...if im near a computer ill write one of these while im tripping, that should be interesting.

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