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Great Confffusion

this was my first trip on shrooms and i was very excited and nervous.

this was my first trip on shrooms and i was very excited and nervous. i was with 2 friends carl and brent. carl is the biggest pot head uve ever seen and brents sorta weird and isnt that good of a friend of mine. i munched half an 8th at brents big ass house around 7 pm on a sofa in a computer room( the main room i will be trippin in). this was my first tiem trippin on shrooms so i was nervous and wasnt sure wat to exspect. after about 30 minuets i felt a real nice high comin on and was laughin histerically at everything esspicially the pizza guy that came to brents. i ate my last few shrooms with the pizza and then we walked to carls house to pick up his 8th. while we were walkin back everything was lighter and i felt better than ever before.i felt like i needed to do sotmhin funny so i threw a water bottle up in the air and it hit carls head. then brent got pissed and took my bottle away. we had to walk up a hill and over a fence to get to carls house and that was hard but i did it. while we were walkin back down the hill i thoguht i stepped on a rock and looked down and i realized i stepped on brents shoeand it came off and he got pissed cuz it was muddy and wet and he got his sock wet. wen he hopped bac on 1 foot to his shoe he yelled at me so i ran away to carl who was on the side walk, i thoguht that was the funiest thing also. finnaly we got to carls house and i was in his kitchen lookin at my face which was wierd to do cuz we sniffed ritalin earlier and there was still powder on my nose and my pupils were so fukcin big u coudlnt see the color of my eyes. we were walkin back to brents while carl was eatin the mushies and thats wen i finnaly started to trip:). i coulndnt see brent or carl it was real blurry and then i felt i was in a cartoon like alice in the wonderland. we got back to brents house and went to the computer room wer we tripped most the time. brent sat at the computer desk the whole time just palyin trippy music while carl and i were admirin everythin like lamps and wallpaper and the tv which were all morphin and moviin it was the coolestt hing ever carl and i chatted bout the world and life the whole time we were trippin but we sonthimes laughed uncontrollebly so we went to his basement and there was fruit on the wallpaper in his kitched that was rockin back in forsth. wen we got to the basement brent tried to watch a movie but we cudnt and brents got mad and puinched carl and kicked him and thats wen i thought i was havin a bad trip so i went to a diff part of the room and starred at the graffitit on the wallls and it popped out at me and got real bold and shuit. we all tried to have a convorsation but it was tooo hard and i was freakin out in a good way tho. i had to pee so i went outside and i loss complete control of reality the rest of the trip. i felt i was in a aqueriam and i saw wavy things liek water movie everywhere. its about 4 hours into the trip and was comin down but i cud still see visuals if i consitrated like i saw wood marks wavin and movin slowly. we went back in the basemnt but everythin we did was a blur until we sniffed more ritalyn and brent had to smoke pot so he and carl did but i cudin i m still on probation:( it was like 130 in the monrin so we all tried to sleep but i cudnt really which sucked ass that was the worst part of the expeirince and in the mornin wen i woke up after tossin and turnin for hours i noticed arl left and i got the worst head ache and felt liek total hit so jsut sat at brents while he was on the computer until 4 pm today wen i got my mom to pick me up.i felt like shit so took 2 naps but now im fine and have a new look on life and hope to trip harder next weekend at carls place.. i suggest everyone to try shrooms no matter wat and if u like them do em more jsut dont abuse tehm so u can enjoy them later on in life too:) peace

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