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Good trip gone bad and good again

This is probably one of the stangest trips ever documented.

This is probably one of the stangest trips ever documented. Not because of the things I saw or thought (even though they were really weird) but because of the the atmoshere and things that happend to me. The day I tripped was the day after hurricane Isabel which hit Virginia Beach (where i live) really hard. There had been no power for 1 night and 2 days, and there were down trees and power lines everywhere. It looked like a war zone, trees through houses, no lights on anywhere, no stop lights, no nothing. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a hurricane you know what im talking about.

It all started at about 8 o clock when me and my freind since I was 2 weeks old brian ate the shrooms. I ate about 2.5 grams and brian ate the same. We ate them dipped in ranch dressing which is extreamly good for those of you who dont like the taste, like me. We sat in my freind owens house for about 30 min and then we went to my freind johns house. Oh ya since there are no traffic lights the police are tickiting anyone in a car after 8 o clock, so we had to walk. But this was no big deal because john lives right down the street from me.

When we get to johns we see that there are about 15 kids from the neighborhood all at his house. Every one there was drunk or high, but me and brian were the only ones tripping. Since there was no power we quickly decided to walk around and find something to do. The second we got outside the trip started hitting me. The ground we were walking on looked like it was made out of a million different color changing circles. I stared freaking out thinking that if I stepped on the wrong circle something bad would happen. It was about that time that i decided a bubbler hit would be a good idea.

Since it was pitched black and no cars were out my freind nick and i took bubbler hits just walking down road. I thought this was definitly the greatest thing in the world at the time, walking down the road with a bubbler. The road that we were walking on (also the road I live on) is totally coverd by trees. This is extreamly trippy because it looks like the trees are trying to touch you. Brain who had never tripped before was getting a little scared with the trees trying to touch him and all, so we gave him a nice fat bubbler hit too.

So we all walked around in the pitched black for a while, but then someone got the brilliant idea of going into a nearby grave yard. As you can imagine this is where the trip goes bad, but it is not the last bad part of the trip either. We walk to the grave yard which takes about 10 min and go in. This is where I have the most vivid hallicination of my life. In the middle of the grave yard i see a ghost. Maybe it was real because nick said he saw it too, and he wasnt tripping. But as you can imagine this scared the shit out of me. I ran as fast as i could with to the entrace of the grave yard with images of death and destruction flashing before my eyes. When i reach the exit the worst possable thing that could happen happend. There is this mean ass guy in about his late 50s that lives where the grave yard is. So technicly its his property, and knowing this guy he is gonna be pissed.

So the guy comes at me, i cant look at him cause his face is distorting and moving, and pushes me. He had never pushed me before and i was pissed. I snap on the guy only to have him tell me hes gonna call the cops on us. But i didnt really care becuase the cops were all manning stop lights because of the power outage. As weird as this may seem that calmed me down, and right when that whole scene was over everyone came out of the grave yard. "Dude your never gonna guess what happend in there," some one said. I didnt know and this made my mind race with a million good and bad thoughts. I mean my mind was going wild, this is not your average thinking going on here. "What" i said franticly. There are 3 people having sex in the shed back there. Which is kinda weird becuase that was the first thing that came to my mind. I could tell he was not lieing so i belived him because i did not want to go back in that grave yard.

After our little grave yard adventure we decided that it was time to head seperate ways. Brain, Nick, and Reid all decided to stay at my house. But first it was back to owens because his parents werent home. So we headed there and i saw many things. I thought that a downed tree was a giant peice of shit. I thought that i knew how greeks and romans saw constilations because there were lines between the stars when i looked at them. A Dog scared the shit out of me. And when we reached owens the greatest thing that could ever happen happend. The second we walked in his house I turned on the light, and it turned on. This may seem like the stupidest thing in the world to you, but when you dont have power for 3 days you start to miss it. I felt the greatest joy i had ever felt in my whole life. I went turning on lights trough the house. Took a hot shower becuase i couldnt get hot water with no power. Watched some tv, which you really start to miss after 3 days. and went on the internet. The joy I felt was amazing. The happiest I have ever been ever, and im a very happy kid. But then just as easily as i came it got taken away like that. A huge explosion in owens back yard and then the lights went off. The explosion was the transformer, and it was now pichtched black again. I almost stared to cry. All the joy and happiness of power, taken away in a second. I started praying to got that the power would come back on. I started to think that we would never have power agian. My mind was going crazy with the thoughts of darkness and the boredom that comes with it. NOOOOOO i screamed, how can this happen. But then i heard a great sound. The power truck came right into owens back yard and fixed it in about 15 min. Once again the overwhelming joy took over my body. I learend a huge life lesson from this and that is to never take things for granted. The rest of the night was nothing compared to the joy i felt. I looked in the mirror and saw another person. Thought that there was a river on a desk in owens house. Learned that fire has no shadow. Was one with the couch that i ultimitly fell asleep on. None compared to the amazingly good body high that i got from the power coming back on.

Well thats it for my trip report. Sorry it sucks so much. If i have another one worth writing about i will do so, and try and put it in better words then this one.

Fairwell fellow causmonauits

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