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Good times

We were driving down a fairly isolated road, with cow fields on both sides of us, in December, totally not expecting to see shrooms casually sitting there in the field.

We were driving down a fairly isolated road, with cow fields on both sides of us, in December, totally not expecting to see shrooms casually sitting there in the field. My friend jumped of the car, hoped the fence and grabbed about 14 shrooms, At this point we decided it should be our goal to trip hard that night. We live in Florida, and its El Nino. SO I guess that is why they were out. We went to an other field we knew of, one we normally go to, and amazingly enough we found 6 more. Between 3 people we had 20 shrooms, making us in store for a good trip. After purchasing a dime from a friend putting are stash up to a 20 we headed home to prepare them for consumption.

Once we were home we looked in the freezer and found a pizza, quincedentally having mushrooms on it, also we found some salad. We washed the dirt and shit of the shrooms, cut them up, and split it in to 3 equal proportions. We cooked the pizza which we managed 3 averaged size pieces out of it, but it wasn’t quite large enough for all the shrooms to fit on. So we ate the rest in a salad. It was about 8 o’clock.

After we ate the shrooms, we went out side and sucked down a couple bowls while we waited for them to kick in. After we smoked I was feeling the shrooms a little, it was a mild buzz, but was different than just being high. We smoked a cigerette, then one of our friends called. He wanted to know if we wanted to smoke. We agreed to it and he came to pick us up. We went to his sisters house who has a golf course in her back yard and smoked a honey joint. At this point I was totally fucked. The sky was brilliant colors morphing into each other. Every thing I heard was wispering away into my thoughts. It was all very confusing for me to understand. It seemed to be just rushing at me so fast. So I decided to concentrate on the music (Phish) and the extrodinary colors and moving objects. After this I had lost all concept of time, every second my emotions were changing from happy, to scared, to sad, then anxious and the music just kept encouraging it. Then someone mentioned smoking another bowl, so we did.

Eventually we made it back to our friends house that we orginally began the trip. We listened to some music, and went out side for a cigerette. We sat in the car so we could listen to music outside and smoke. After however long we were out there, I don’t know how long it was, our friends mom came home. We were just sitting in the car smoking cigerettes, tripping, high, and his mom came home. Fourtantley we handle the situation well and she went inside. We smoked a few more cigerettes and went inside to play music. We played guitar for a while, and the trip was comeing down.

Around about three in the morning we were hungry and went up to 711 and bought a bunch of junk food. I struck me as odd to the store clerks, a bunch of teenagers roaming around the store trying to add up the total of everything we wanted to maker sure are 7 dollars would cover it. Eventually we worked it out and went back home, had some touching moments in conversation about the trip, and went to bed. The trip was deffintley fun, but some parts I admit were hard mentally. But I think I was prepared for a trip as hard as I tripped, and that is why I pulled through and had a overall good trip.

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