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Gone insane

so me and my buddy max, wanted to top off summer right with one last good shroom trip before school kicked in.

so me and my buddy max, wanted to top off summer right with one last good shroom trip before school kicked in. so i wake up at like 10 (early for a summer morning) and get my money together and head over to his house. i was loaning him money by buying his shrooms for him, cu hey, i'm a nice guy. so he ate half an eighth, while i had 2 eighths washed down wit a carton of orange juice (to boost the high). this is at about, 1230. so we start walking and decide to go sit in our usual smoke spot, in the woods by his house. as we're sitting there waiting for the effects to kick in, they do, all at once, hella fast (like 10 min from eating em). i trip ballssss. fallen over trees are rippling like i'm looking through water at them, i can see all the little bugs on the forest floor, as everything is "brighter" and wwayyy more vivid than usual. so we decide to walk to "the falls" to chill over there and look at the trippy water and water falls. as we're walking, my trip starts to excalate to points i didnt think it could go. everything looks hella cube-y, like in a video game or smtin. cars seem like solid colored sheres floating down pitch black roads. everything seems to be breathing and blending together. as i'm enjoying the trippiest spectecle of my life, i keep having amazing conclusions on life and all that surounds me, even tho i'm hella sweaty, i'm having the greatest walk of my life.
about an hour later we're almost at the falls, and i start having sketchy thoughts as this idea to "hide" keeps bugging me from the back of my head. it escalated to the point where i was tweaking and just wanted to climb a tree and hide until i could think right, but my trip kept going higher and higher by the minute. my buddy had gotten semi-dehydrated and thrown up his mush about 30 min before and was claiming to have stopped tripping. once we get into the falls (like a big city park with trails all through woods and waterfalls that ppl usually swim in) i start freaking out and desparately try to find a good spot to hide until my trip stops and i can think. my friend (that fuckin douchebag) doesnt try to calm me down, and just leaves me in the middle of the woods, alone. at this point, i was certain that i had gone insane and was tweakin mad balls. i was trying everything i could to stop tripping, last thing i remeber i was hitting my head wit sticks to knock myself out so i could wake up sober....
that was at around 5ish...
i wake up, 730 completely un tripping, and pissed that i had wasted 40 bucks on being freaked out


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