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Going to California, man

A little bit about myself, currently 19, done shrooms many a time, done other visual drugs and am a true pot head.

A little bit about myself, currently 19, done shrooms many a time, done other visual drugs and am a true pot head. I am going to share the best trip i experienced. It was a summer ago, i was 18 and had a great connect for shrooms from louisiana, I think they could have come from reservation or a grower, because the dealer who supplied them to me was native american, and went down to see family when he got them. He never told me if they truely were from a reservation. But anyways, i bought a half ounce of shrooms, decided to take an entire quarter at my friend "tweeks" house before we went out to my friend jakes lake. Before consuming the quarter me and tweek downd a half bottle of vitamin c pills earlier in the day. I ate my quarter, tweek ate a dime. We sat aroudn watching feer and loathing , and sadly it was my frist time watching. By the time i got back from outside smoking a j, the movie was to the point were the guy had become a cop. I was tripping balls at this point, stuf fstarting to melt together, the usual mushroom trip. But then all 8-9 grms of shrooms hit me, and i couldnt watch that movie anymore. I ran upstairs to watch tv in his sunny living room. I felt better once i got up there, but then the tennis court,(yes i was watching tenis) started to flash colors, which i then would blurt out what color it changed to. My friend tweek came upstairs to see what the heck i was doing. I continued to blurt colors, and did so untill i look over towards the closet. At this point, i saw his father walk directly through the closet,I FREEKED OUT, i went running around his house looking for my keys, found them, and took of out the door. I jumped into my car, and started to drive off. I remember seeing tweek looking out his front door with a confused, and scared look on his face. I jsut drove. I got on country roads and the sky was amazing. Changing colors just like the tv did. It was about this point that i go away. I literraly dont remember about 3 hours. I remember driving, with the sun on my face, and the same song playing for ever. Durring this time my parents had called me multiple times, with me answering only once. I finally came to, with the same song playing (i put it on repeat) and my phone is beeping because i had missed 20 calls. All from my parents except a few who were my friends calling worrying about were iw as. I called my parents back, knowing that they were wondering why i didnt asnwer. When my mom picks up, first thing is were are you. I tell her im going out to jakes lake. She tells me to come home right away. I know i am in troubel at this point. My parents are waiting for me, my pupils still ike saucers. They ask me what i was on.... i go on... im not on anything. My mom then tells me that whne i picked up, she asked what i was doing the rest of the night. I replied by saying im going to california, she goes what, i reply again, im goign to california man. SHe said i then laughed, and hung up. NOw at thsi point i need to think quicklly. First thing that come to my mind is.... corociden,"well mom, see these kids had these cold medicine pills, they said it would give me a buzz, and well i took too many of them and i got dilerious. My mom being a nurse, knew of these pills. She made me drink a bunch of water and told me to go sleep them off. In reality i went to my room, put in some blindmelon, and finished off my trip, which was only another hour. It could have been more but the entire thing with my parents kinda killed it a bit. But wow what an experience i had driving around with the sky racing over my head changing to what ever color the mushroom gods selected for me. It was a trip ill never forget, and hopefully for my sanity, never top. PS dont take a quarter of shrooms unless some one is there to watch you. Myfriend was tripping also, we needed a sober individual to keep us in check. I could have gotten seriously hurt driving around, especially not even really being all there. Im just glad everything turned out ok. Trip on, smoke herb, and live life to the fullest~Infamous

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