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going crazy

This trip actually was a mix between a level 3,4,and 5 trip.

This trip actually was a mix between a level 3,4,and 5 trip.

It was a friday morning and i had walked down to the corner where everybody hangs out before school. I had $15 and i was looking to buy some mushrooms. A newly made friend offered to give me some without paying. He handed me a handfull of caps two were closed caps and then a big stem. i ate all but 2 of the caps. this was my first time eating mushrooms. after 20 min. i was dissapointed because i had heard that you should start feeling them by now. so i was about to eat the last two caps when another friend who had used these mush before said wait an hour then it will kick in. so i waited and sure enough after about 50 min they started to kick in. the first thing i noticed was that my muscles started to tingle and my stomach was tingling a lot. then i started to get a strange body high a lot different then that of marijuana. Then i started to get some visuals such as things on the wall like pictures would move around. Then i noticed that colors had became more buitifull and brighter. The more i looked outside at the sun the more i wanted to go adventure. My brain started to go off into a different world and my thoughts were mixed and confused. I felt brave and not shy like i usually am i felt like i could do anything. By this time everything i looked at had a waving look to it and i was lost out of reality. when all of this was running through my head an hour had past and that class was over and it was break. during break i walked outside and could only concentrate on the buitifull colors. the more i walked the shorter i got it felt. I felt like everything was squished down and bent out of proportion. during break everybody went down to the corner so that is were i ended up after my squished adventure. when there i ate on of my caps that was left and began talking to my friend C who had givin me the mush. He explained to me that you can do anything you want and he was right. He told me you can go to the universe by unzipping a zipper. He walked over to the rocks and pretended he was unzipping somthing then he said you can go anywhere you want. after some strange conversations with friends i returned to class. i was sitting next to my friend C and we just laughed and giggled all class long. During this period i was playing with my last cap and i named him bob and we decided that we would name other things bob as well. And then i ate bob and it was lunch time. During lunch we walked down to a gas station food place to get some food. I went to the bathroom and when i was standing there taking a piss the walls were morphing together and everything in my head was mere confusion. I was totally lost from reality. I had lost the thought of time it did not exist and if it did i did not care. but one of our sober friends reminded us that we have to go back to class. so we did. during this period was when i felt like i was going to go crazy. The pink floyd song the trial was playing in my head but only the part were he says "im craaaaazy losing my head im going craaaaazy" this repeted in my head and my thoughts and emotions were running around in panic in my head.

the rest of the trip was more settled down as i got used to the idea of fryin. mushrooms are wonderfull things they make you think in a way that nobody else can and they make life a picture that if you wanted to you could grab and through but dont becuase you would go with it.

i am telling you that if you take mushrooms your life will never be the same
so it is your decision.

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