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This was my very frst trip, it started out as a spr of the moment thing, my older buddy happened to have a little more than a quarter oz.

This was my very frst trip, it started out as a spr of the moment thing, my older buddy happened to have a little more than a quarter oz. of shrooms and we both had the day off from work that day and the next, he is a real generous guy so he offered to split em in half with me. I ofcourse was a little nervous but i went to this website that day and i read up on peoples past reports and i was totally stoked to try it, then i went to my house and grabbed my cd player and i grabbed my warren g, regulator cd and i went to go and meet my friend well call him pappas(not his actual name) i hopped in pappass' car and we headed to a local fast food restaraunt and got an oreo milk shake, we divided the fat quarter in half and we mixed it in to the milk shake, i probably took about 3.7grams, probably not the smartest idea for the the first trip ever but well get to that later, we then headed out to a local paqrk that is absolutely huge it takes about 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other and thats if your walkin fast and willin to get poison oak, if you walk the path it takes like 30 minutes. anyways, we go into the cuts of the park and we sit down at this picninc table surrounded in huge ucalyptus trees, and after about ten minutes i started to feel really warm and i felt as if my hearing sensitivity had heightened quite a bit. I could hear the wind blowing and leaves skipping across the ground and every little noise seemed to have a slight echo to it,at this point i started to laugh and i wasn't sure why i was laughing, it just felt very good to laugh, i then looked up and my jaw dropped above me in the trees instead of the leaves from before it was a sky full of kalydascopes, i at that moment had never seen anything as amazing in my life as that and i started to feel as if i was worth a million dollars, i was un believably happy, then i decided it was time to turn on my discman and i began the warren ge regulators cd, which is a very mellow cd, after the cd began it took me off into a trance state and i guess i closed my eyes because i was in a disco where the cd was playing in the background and all i could see were beautiful clack women with neon purple outlined afros becuase of the blacklights over head in the club, when i came back to which was when the cd ended it was night time and my eyes opened to , two women staring at me they freaked the hell out of me because they started to ask my buddy pappas (who had been laughing hysterically at me the whole timei was trippin in my own little world i found out the next day), if i was ok and luckily having some sense was like yeah he is fine knowing that if i started to freak out we would have some problems, (once you start having a bad trip it is very hard to come back as long as you are still trippin), i still kinda freaked out and i said to my friend pappas and my other friend hack, that i wanted to go they were pretty bummed so they said that the only way that they would let me go is if we went on the golf course and so i said ok and this was probably the worst idea we had all night, let me bring this out in the blue that at this time i was on probation and i was waiting on a page from my probation officer, whom i was supposed to check in with, so we head out on the golf course and we start playing commando, me, pappas, and hack are all trippin balls when all of a sudden i get that page, fuck! i start trippin balls im was seriously about to cry, how was i supposed to check in with this bitch, i can barely even get a whole sentence out without saying somethin like, "whoaaaaoh", or "thats doesnt make any sense", but i have to call so i borrow the cell pone and i call her up, she picks up, " hello?". "hi Mrs. &*^%$, how are you?" , "Is this valentino?" "Yes Mam" where are you blah blah blah ok have a nice night click. Oh my god i got away with it....hahahaha so we end up saying fuck this lets go back to pappas' house so we get to his car how i have no clue i couldnt see anything but somehow we made it through the woods without me runnin into a single branch, when we get to his house we walk into his room and all i see is a plant that earlier that day had no flowers seemed to be blooming was literally watchin the dmn bush bloom. By the way this bush doesnt even have flowers. haha. The other guys wanted to watch a movie and so we went into the tv room and pappas began to start attempting to set up the dvd player, while i watched a fuzzy screen where i could just barely make out the home shopping network, it was then that i noticed that by telling myself or the tv i guess to speed up i could get the guy on the tv to talk and to move as if he was in fast forward, then just the opposite was possibe i could slow it down at will, this was unbelievable to me, but it was as if i had super powers.
Pappas got the dvd to work and we began to watch the cell this movie made absolutley no sense and frankly began to freak my the fuck out, so i decided to go in to the other room and try to explore my trip, i went in to the room and the first thing thst grabbed my eye was outside, when i looked out the windiw the trees seemed as if they were made out of rubber it looke as if i was in a cartoon world, then out of the coner of my eye i noticed the bag of weed sitting in the corner and went and grabbed it and began to inspect it, the weed seemed to be moving as if it were a ocean of churning water only the water was bud and the bud seem to be churning. i packed a bowl into the bong and when i exhaled the huge rip that i pulled i so hints of neon purple on evrything that had light on it, once i began ti smoke my trip took on more mellow feel, the lights began to rotate and seemed as if the were dimmed and it seemed as if i was in a disco, after getting adjusted to this new level in my trip i picked up the dvd cover to the cell and i started to trip off of the cover, jennifer lopezs head began to melt and the black blobs began to snake back and frth and began coming out of the cover and seemed to get closer to me, i went on tripping off of this and then went to smoke a cigarrette and realized that i could put my finger in the flame and i wasnt feeling any burn whatsoever then it seemed as if i could move the flame with my mind so that my finger never even came close to it. I know this sounds impossible but when i woke up the next day my finger wasnt burned at all, No joke. believe it if you want or dont i dont care. i know what i saw and what i never felt. Hack then yelled to me to come back in the other room and play streetfighter against marvel aqgainst him andi swera the game is the most bright game ever invented it is like watching fireworks in front of your face, my fibger seemed to be going a hundred miles an hour, i was pulling moves that only the truly experienced video game freak knows, (no offfense to you guys ehehehe) , this trip only ket getting better, the house we were staying in was supposedly haunted or so pappas kept on insisting, so we turned off all of the lights i know what you are thinking bad idea for a bunch of shroomers, but hey it seemed like a good idea at the time so we played a game of truth r dare, it really just ended up being dare cause none of us care about any of eachothers personal lives, so i got dared to go downstairs in this room where this old lady died and i had to say her name out loud and i had to ask her to show herself, wo i started to frak out at this so they said tha they would go down there with me i went down there and i went into the room, now remember im on shrooms and my mind is just goin a hundred miles an hour, i called out the old bitches name and asked her to show herslef and m y friend hack threw a wg on when i wasnt looking and grabbed me and turned me around and screamed in my face i swear to god oi had no clue that it was him i could have sworn i saw an old women, nut let me tell you i turned my italian ass around and i ran out of the house and i rand 12 blocks until i got to my house and i ran into my room and i hid under my covers, after about two hours of being under there i finally poked my head out of ycovers and finally got the courage to get out of bed and grab some food because by this time i was starving and i wante to watch willy wonka before my trip was over, i turned that movie and i tripped happily ever after more to the music and the lights the tv was puttin up on my walls than to the movie itself... happy tripps -valentino

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