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God locked his ass outside. [Short version.]


2.5 grams (dried) - P. tampanensis

Everything started off perfect. An hour after dosing, we were peaking and seeing phat visuals. We went outside to take in the beauty and awe of nature, and I remembered in a P. tampanensis trip report the guy said mushroom men were crawling out from his fence; and when I thought of that, I noticed that there was a whole army of little green gnomes playing in my friend's backyard--it was awesome.

Apparently, while we were outside watching the gnomes play, the door shut by itself: we locked ourselves out of his house, just after we began to peak! "OH SHIT," we started to think. Fortunately we at least had access to the garage, which we used as a "safehouse" to wait the trip out. Sometime during the peak we managed to make it into the attic (via the garage), and it was pitch black. It was at this time that I finally found out the 'answer' to life's 'mystery': It is I who is God; and I have fabricated a perpetual illusion of reality to entertain my infinitely-alone self. The realization was immensely intense, like some twist ending to a book that catches you off-guard thinking, "I never would've thought this is how it ends." I told my friend about my newly found wisdom, and he chuckled. "God locked his ass outside," he said laughing.

We spent the rest of the peak, which in all seriousness lasted an eternity (being God and all), up in the attic just talking and philosophizing. When we started to come down, my friend went to his neighbor who had a copy of the house key, and we finally got back inside. It was like a burden had been lifted off of our shoulders, and I swear we were peaking again; we were ecstatic with relief and euphoria, trying to comprehend WTF had just happened. My friend made the analogy of lab rats that had been locked up in a cage all their life being set free and not knowing what to do.

We smoked a lot of pot and watched a Hunter S. Thompson documentary until the meaning of time came back to us. Probably the best trip I've had thus far. Being locked out of the house while peaking should have put us into a bad trip (and it almost did a few times), but instead we turned lemons into lemonade and now my friend and I are a lot closer and have more respect for one another and ourselves than we did before.

I’ll definitely be doing magic truffles again. :)

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