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My brother and I decided to party at his house over 4th of July, and luckily, a nice little bag of much anticipated'fun guys' awaited me.

My brother and I decided to party at his house over 4th of July, and luckily, a nice little bag of much anticipated'fun guys' awaited me. Now, I have chowed mushrooms a few times before, but these suckers packed an unexpected wallop. It was the last of what was available; a sandwich bag with 5 medium, dried shrooms and several pieces of stem. My brother decided he was content with pot and gave me the whole bag. I gleefully munched them down, thinking they would give me a nice buzz and not much else. My stomach was completely empty and after about half an hour, I felt the distinct anxiety of a serious trip coming on. In about another twenty minutes, I felt like I was strapped to a rocket! I began pacing through the house as if I needed to burn some massive amount of pent-up energy that seemed to appear from nowhere. Soon, the frantic rush tapered off and I was able to sit on the couch and enjoy the mounting psychedelic volcano that was beginning to erupt. The combination of wall paintings, colors and the vaulted ceiling gave me the immediate impression that I was sitting within a huge gem. Somewhat like a genie in a colorful glass bottle. I was trying to describe this to my bro, but my speech was slurred. My entire body was tripping hard! It felt like a gentle wave was coursing through my frame, from head to toe. It was very relaxing.
We were watching a motorcycle roadrace on the speed channel, and it appeared as if the racers were leaning their bikes through a rainbow of color. They moved in a strange, staccato rhythm that was a bit disturbing. The announcers' voice seemed to follow this and expand, then contract. It was really strange to hear a voice racing like a chipmunk then suddenly expand like sonic taffy. This only added to my discomfort after awhile, and it became too overwhelming to concentrate on the race. I tried to get up, but my legs felt like they were made out of rubber. I began checking out the patterns on the pillows on the couch. Their garish, zig-zagging colors looked fake and struck me with an offensiveness that is difficult to describe. Looking around at the other objects in the room magnified this feeling tenfold. For some reason, man-made objects looked ridiculous and inadequate. The materials looked like some hideous attempt to provide something useful, and I felt as if I were surrounded by garbage. I thought to myself that it was amazing how much time we waste pacifying ourselves with meaningless crap. We spend our money filling our space with these awful, goofy pieces of junk in order to feel comfortable and secure. How pathetic. Not wanting to overindulge in my mounting hostility, I summoned the strength, and balance, to get up and go outside. Whewwwwwwww! Awesome! Perfect! YES! My brother joined me and we lounged by the pool in the back yard. I focused on a large Ficus tree and could see the power of its life energy radiating from it. I was completely blown away by the impression that it gave me. That of God's love and power, combined with the knowledge that some day the tree would die. As all living things on our Earth must. It was so sad yet beautiful, it was overwhelming. I then began to feel separated from myself. Though I was aware of the existence of my body, I felt as if I could easily leave it behind if I but willed it. I felt myself being distilled and filtered to show me the true essence of my soul. I saw myself as a color within God's spectrum, and that the other colors next to mine were other souls. I immediately sensed that this state was indestructable and felt God's love pouring through me and filling me with an indescribable strength and confidence. The patio furniture that was around the pool looked just like the furniture inside the house. Perhaps even worse! In my state as this powerful, fractal color, I knew within myself that if I stretched my hand forth, I could destroy this abomination with my will. Then, suddenly, I heard/felt this gentle but supremely authoritative voice speak to my very core, "Such use of your strength is irresponsible. To destroy because of such a petty personal offense is wrong." Now, call me insane, but I swear this was as real to me as the keyboard in front of me. I struggled to comprehend this knowledge and guidance that suddenly came to me and though I wasn't scared, it was quite a bit to handle. I drifted about in this mode for awhile, I don't know exactly how long. I was simply swirling within a vortex of spectrums. At some point I decided to smoke a cigarette and that same strong, kind voice spoke to me again saying, "Do not do this thing. It is very harmful." I immediately withdrew from the pack I was about to grab and for the rest of the night I didn't have the slightest want or need for a cigarette! It was amazing! Later, a friend of my brother's came over for a drink. He had just gotten off work and had had a difficult day. He immediately began tell us this story of how he had this horrible encounter with a customer at the store he works at. It was a simple misunderstanding, but as he was telling us the story, it was clear that he was still totally enraged by the incident. As I tried to follow the story, his words were hitting me like some unseen force. I felt like I was under attack by his negativity and anger. It was really intense. I felt as if I were being struck as he spoke. Then, that voice came again, clear as the sunrise. "Never carry around hatred for your fellow man like this. No matter what. It is forbidden. It is sin."
I hear this voice speaking to my being while this guy is foaming at the mouth and I was so blown away I could barely think. Soon after this I began coming down. The sunset and fireworks looked incredible but I could sense the trip wearing off. I still had residual effects for about two days after this experience and felt a bit disconnected. My life changed dramatically that night and I hope that others have a similarly positive experience. Thanks for reading!

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