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Ghetto Starship

Status: unemployed psycho-proactive student.

Status: unemployed psycho-proactive student.
Scene: the ghetto on the other side of the tracks.

in a depressingly waisted neighborhood I find myself contemplating my situation. my problem is outside, i want to be outside while I trip, and it's freezing cold beyond my door. Also, since I couldn't find a ride out of town and i know it would be dangerous here because the cops have a long history of harassment. So I go for the inside trip...not as good as the outdoorsy trip, but it'll do.
I cut seven fairly long shrooms out of my EZ grow. Mixed up in a blender with vitamin C and orange juice, they effects were noticed ten minutes later.
This would be my sixth trip on Psilocybe cubensis. I had heard of audio hallucinations but had never experienced one myself. little did I know that i'd be listening to the cosmos in a matter of minutes.
The door was locked and I was upstairs, my door also closed with the stereo on playing some pink floyd gently.
My body felt light, and my head felt hollow and clear. I had a great sense of euphoria. I closed my eyes and waited for the shapes and colors that usually float there when I'm ON.
I'm not sure how this is exactly possible, but I heard everything get bigger, and i mean everything. From the book case, to the radio, my veins, the ceiling and the floor. my attention was no where else but between my ears.
For some reason the music started to annoy me, I was sure there was something wanting me to hear it, and silence was the key.
I turned off the radio, the lights, and took off my glasses while I layed back down. i focused on my ears and then the room, what i got was every creak, crack, drip, honk, voice, sneeze, fart, laugh, and footsep in my entire apartment complex.
It started slowly, my veins seemed to be pumping gallons of blood with each heartbeat and seemed to be making a rythym with the rain drops dripping on a piece of tin out back. No words can explain, but nature wins the best drum solo, ever.
I started hearing sirens from cops and ambulances, but they just screamed like frightened electronic pigs. Dogs started barking, cats meowing, babies crying, the neighbors buying drugs, and then the thunderous hand of god pounding the shit out of my front door.
I grabbed my glasses and headed downstairs. I opened my door, and low and behold there stood this four foot troll crack head that hitch hicked here from kentucky. I never knew kentuckians smoked crack.
So this troll started slithering out this accent slang frontier gibberish that i couldn't even begin to make out, then it was as my ears started tuning back down to normal speed and i made out "do you have any cigaretts, do you know anyone who smokes, can i borrow a smoke, etc etc....same questions same answer..no.
I kept telling her no, i don't smoke but she wouldn't leave...this was becoming a problem. And either by the tone in my voice or she noticed that my eyes were the size of flying saucers ready to ray gun her primate ass, she made up an excuse to go somewhere else. Hurray, back to my starship.
I lay back in bed, and calm myslef, slowly breathing and keeping my head clear. The universe spiraled down. my room was filled with the intense sound that was pulsing with every fiber of my reality. Again, no words can explain.
My brain kept telling me quiet. so i stuck my fingers in my ears. The universe peaked, and a voice that sounded echoed, with the tide moving back and forth in it's vocal box.
I don't remeber most anything of what it said, all i know is that i was in awe of it's knowledge and it's power to clear my fogged eyes (and ears). Vaguely, i remeber the voice talking about food...who knows?
but i get the sense of self pollution when i eat fast food or meat. Vegetables, peanuts, and fruit make me happy...but i do find myself venturing back for flesh every now and again, i guess it's the ape in me.
although the visuals weren't as apparent as they usually are, the audio hallucinations were just as beautiful and intricate as if you were staring at them, only with your ears.

All God's children gots shrooms!!!!

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