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Finding Myself

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I have to preface this report by saying that before this experience I had never tripped before. The only other substances that I had ever taken were alcohol and weed. Shrooms was something that I always wanted to do, but where I live they are really hard to get ahold of. Two of my friends had tripped earlier in the year and they told me about their experiences and they made me want to trip even more. Finally one night at a party (Friday), my two friends and I bought 1/4 of mushrooms (orange caps) and nothing at the time could have prepared me for what might come out of my experience.

After waking up on Saturday morning, I talked to my two friends Mike and John (names have been changed to protect the innocent) and they were so anxious to trip that they decided to trip that night (with or without me). I really wanted to wait a whole week to trip during a better time and place, such as in the day, where I could see the sunset and have everything planned out. But my friends convinced me to trip with them and we decided to do a 1/16 each. Mike gave me the keys to his house (where the shrooms were) and told me I could start eating before him and John cuz they were getting out of work at 10 PM. At 9 PM I ingested my first dose of mushrooms. Although I've been told shrooms taste like literal shit, I wasn't bothered by the taste. I had a little lemonade with them and made sure to chew them well befoere they went down.

Right after ingestion I went to the movie theater where Mike and John work and I was talking to them, waiting for the effects to come on. I really had no idea what to expect. The first feelings I had were a little euphoric and I started to smile (like I often do when I smoke weed). A half an hour after ingestion I could feel the first effects coming on. I could almost literally feel the shrooms creeping up into my brain and random thoughts started coming into my head. Two more friends came to the movie theater and then three girls came and Mike and John were allowed to leave early. I went in one car with my friend Jay and we drove the girls home while Mike and John went in the car with our other friend to eat the shrooms at Mike's house. After Jay and I dropped the girls off at their house, I was starting to really trip. It's hard to actually DESCRIBE tripping. The best way I can explain it is being enlightened. It's like all this knowledge is born in you and everything you look at you start analizing and about a million thoughts are going through your head at once. My friend Jay sells weed and we went somewhere to make a sale. On the way to the "sale" a love of everything overcame me. I never felt such a love for everything and everyone. I loved everyone for who they were and I really started thinking how much I really LOVED my friends and how I NEVER tell them how much I love them. When Jay got out of the car to make the sale I sat and listend to music. This is where I had my first hallucinations. The lights in the car started to kind of melt into eachother, and I could shake my head and it would stop, but then it would start again. I would keep on looking outside and I thought the car was actually moving and I had to seriously check twice to make sure it wasn't. The road in front of me started to wave, and just as real as I could see the road, it was LITERALLY waving in front of me, as if somebody threw a rock into a pond. The road resembled ripples from and impact of the rock on the water. I would close my eyes and I would see beautiful colors, almost in a waterfall and I saw figures reaching for me.

Jay and I left the site of the weed sale and we drove to meet upo with my friends Mike and John who were currently 15 minutes into digestion. On the way to meeting Mike and John, John called me and said "I love you man, and not just because it's good to say that to somebody when they trip, but I really love you man, and you know that". I have never felt happier in my life. I said "I love you too". and this rush of happiness overcame me. I'm a heterosexual guy, but the word love means something different on shrooms. Actually no, it doesn't mean anything different, but you just realize how much you really do LOVE the people around you. You realize, maybe for the frist time how much you really LOVE you friends, and LOVE life and you realize that if you die at that very moment, it won't matter, because you can die knowing that there is such love in the world. Note: If you are with people tripping, tell them that you love them, especially if you really do... it would sound weird, it might actually sound more natural than anything you've ever said to them before... When we finally met up with my friends I had to give them a hug. I was so overcome with this feeling of love. We all drove somewhere and we smoked some weed, which hardly affected me at all. I couldn't tell if the weed was even affecting me. At every moment I was thinking of a million things. I was thinking about how but the world really is, and just very random things.

The rest of the night (until about 1:30 when I went home) was basically us driving or sitting in cars and talking. One interesting thing was that while in the car outside of Mike's house, Mike gave me a banana and I ate it. After consuming the banana I could literally feel all of the power from the banana and all of its nutrients surging into me, something I usually don't feel during "normal" digestion. One of the many realizations that I had was that there really is only one state of mind, and that is Zen. And you can see how people can achieve that state without the use of mushrooms, but when you are on the mushroom it is SO MUCH EASIER to convieve very abstract philosophical and some might say spiritual ideas. Another thing I realized is that people are always talking and nobody ever really listens. This goes a lot deeper than one can understand by reading this report, but I'm just trying to give everyone an idea of the spiritual breakthroughs you make while on shrooms.

When I woke up the next morning, I woke up much earlier than I usually do and I realized how attaining the state of mind where I was while on shrooms was feasible while being straight, but very hard and I really wasn't sure where to even start. I woke up very refreshed and had no bad feelings like a hangover or anything like that. One thing I did feel was that I really didn't want to get up from my bed in the morning, I kept on wanting to return to that enlightened state that I was in the night before. My love for everything was gone. And although I could CONCIEVE of a person having a love for everyone, and I could realize WHY somebody would have a love for everyone, it was very hard to get that feeling back.

I recommend to everyone and anyone who reads this article, please try shrroms for yourself. Even if you only try them once, you have nothing to lose. There is no other natural substance that I can think of that is safer and more enlightening than mushrooms. I definitely look forward to my next trip and hope it will be as good of an experience as this one.

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