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funny fungi

It was last St.

It was last St. Patrick's Day when I had the most amazing mushroom trip ever. It all began when me and my buudy Devon were downtown looking for some hits there was none but we met up with this native guy who got us 5 g's of
almost completly blue stems. We split em up and ate em with a tall glass of orange juice. About twenty minutes passed when I got a sudden burst of energy and felt as if my legs had turned to JELL-O. Soon enough we could not stop the senseless laughing at anything we saw or heard but thats alright. We decided to go to my place to trip out.
When we got there my parents asked us something which I don't remember except for we started laughing at nothing but they were laughing with us, this made me feel comfortable so I didn't hide my buzz. Then Devon looked at the floor in astonishment remarking how much it looked like an aquarium. We then decided it was time to go the basement(my room). Thats when when shit really started to get fucked up. I threw on the strobe light and a Method Man CD. We watched as every object in the room began to flow with the music along with the constant flickering and bright colors. I started up the bong which had 1/2 g of descent hydro in it. I was getting used to the intensity of the music and the lights when litte aliens surfaced from the floor
I became excited and tried to attack the little fuckers but they melted back into the floor I'm not sure what happened after that but next thing I know Devons beating the shit out of me trying to wake me up he said theat gapped out after screaming at the carpet for 5 min. or so. I was know tripping harder than ever since I was so confused as to what actually happened. I then spent the rest of the night watching mild visuals on the floor witch mostly was melting bright shapes dancing happily. Then I felt sick I ran outside in fear of dirtying my home with shroom spew but i never did spew i just smoked a cigarette and spit every other second before passing out on my back porch.

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