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funniest shit

Like the title says, i spent the whole trip laughing.

Like the title says, i spent the whole trip laughing.at like 4 in the afternoon Me and 3 friends put in on an ounce and we split it 3 ways. like 30 mins in we all started trippin hardcore, i dont really rember anything until my friend john took off somewhere, we went looking for him, when we found him it was the funniest shit ever, he was laying in a pile of blankest naked pissing, after that i just rolled on the floor laughing my ass off, happy faces and cartoon faces were flying everywhere, i wasnt sure if my eyes were open or closed. the visuals were intense i had no control of my mind, i just rolled around cracking up. i dont remembr how long that went on, i just woke up at like 12 at night wishing i was still trippin.

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