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Fun trip to terrible

I had decideed to trip on the friday before New Years eve with my friend and his wife to break in the coming off the New year.

I had decideed to trip on the friday before New Years eve with my friend and his wife to break in the coming off the New year. We had some Treasure Coast P.C.'s to try out.
MY friend and his wife ate about 4 grams of dried mushrooms. I ate about 12 grams of mushrooms about 1/4 of this was dry and the rest were fresh Treasure Coast pc's I had just picked. I chopped the mushrooms up and put them into Kool-aid. About 10 minutes after ingesting them I began to feel the effects of the trip coming on. I began to get really good visuals and alot of color blending and melting effects of objects in my living room. I would consider myself an experienced tripper and have done mushrooms quite a few times usually reaching about a level 3 trip. I would rate this trip at a level 4-4.5.
About 5 hours into the trip the mushrooms began to wear off, butI began to get a sensation of a hot flash running throught my whole body and at the same time I would get a big head rush, These started in at about 30 second intervals and just began to come on faster and faster until they were continuous. I began to have bad thoughts about what was happening to me. I went upstairs to put a pair of shorts on but stopped at the bathroom to see if I was turning pale. When I looked at myself in the mirror My image began to fade out until it was total darkness and I could not see anyhting. I stumbled to my bedroom and flopped on the edge of my bed and may have blacked out for a few seconds. I called my friend up after this from downstairs and he said he was having similar symptoms.
Right then he said he got a big head rush and just dropped to the floor. In about 10 seconds he regained conciousnees and we both began to feel rather scared about what had just happened. We asked his wife if she was having similar effects and she said she was fine.

We had her take us to the hospital and the Doctor said we looked OK. We stayed around for a bit because it fely very safe to be there. After about an hour of feeling better we left. The rest of the night was ok but I have been getting a very quick small feelling of it again every once in a while the last few days when I am by myself.

Not all the sensations are there at the same time and it is nothing compared to the original so I imagine this is just me thinking about it too much. It was a very scary experience and I doubt that I will ever touch mushrooms again.

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