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Fun Being a Demon

Well, this will make me look dumb and pathetic, but here goes: I was on the way home from a road trip to Vegas with my friend.

Well, this will make me look dumb and pathetic, but here goes:

I was on the way home from a road trip to Vegas with my friend. It had been an excellent vacation and I think I wanted to prolong the magic. I had a bunch of powdered shrooms and also vikadens to keep me mellow and positive. I decided that I'd trip in a hotel room at a town we stopped at on the way back. My friend and I stayed in separate rooms.

So I took a fairly good dose that I predicted would get me to a "level 3" experience. The problem was that I had taken some shrooms the night before. I was trying to get a repeat of one of my favorite effects--look at fetish photography and get the models to jump out of the page in 3D and maybe wink at me. My left hand was flipping through some Eric Kroll and my right hand was flipping something else.

An hour or so went by and I wasn't getting the "pop-up book" effect. I realized that my tolerance had gone up from the previous trip the night before, so I downed the rest of my mushroom powder and basically doubled my dose. Plus I was popping about one vike every half hour without thinking much about it. Too much vikaden is not good--more on that later.

Oh yeah, the room had a vibrating bed which was excellent! I threw a bunch of quarters in that thing. Too bad more hotels aren't cheesy enough to include vibrating beds.

Finally, I was starting to feel something, though I never got the hallucinations I wanted. I flipped through channels on the TV, and for a while I was watching City of Lost Children, before I realized that it was probably about the worst thing to watch on a mushroom trip, aside from a Billy Graham sermon. I switched over to music videos and there was some metal type show.

With the music, I was suddenly feeling very aggressive. So I got on top of the bed and made kung fu poses. Then I started pretending I was a singer in a rock band. I was making monster faces and growling.

Then it hit me: I was a demon!

Now that I had found my identity, I was free to wallow in it. I envisioned myself walking the earth brimming with hatred for all mortals, and free from any fear. I was strong! Indestructible!

And really itchy, so I decided to take a shower.

Part of me knew I wasn't actually a demon, so I wasn't about to go do something stupid, like carve a hexagram in my forehead, but it was fun to be something so different than who I really am. In normal life, I'm a very peaceful guy that hardly gets angry about anything.

After I got out of the shower, I felt sick. Vomited in the sink and nearly passed out. I layed on the carpet naked for about a half hour. Stood up, threw up again. My body was getting rid of all those vikadens I took. Plus the mushrooms probably didn't sit well either.

I brushed my teeth, went to bed, and felt much better in the morning.

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