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fucked the fuck up

the other day me and a buddy bought a half oz.

the other day me and a buddy bought a half oz. of mushrooms. we split the shrooms into 4 eighths. These things were great i gave like not even a gram to my weed girl and she said she was fucked up for like 2 hours. so the day started with 2 hydrocodones a bottle of cough syrup a couple beers a nice fat j and of course psychedelic mushrooms. We gobbled the drugs up and waited. These bitches got right on top of us. One of my buddies freaked ou gettin violent with the sober person screamin take me home i need to go home and shaking him. me and my buddy just tripped our balls off. I saw my friends fingers grom about 2 feet and then they were swirling. When i closed my eyes and had a strobe light flashed in it i would see the most amazing calidescope i have ever seen with colors i didnt know exsisted. After about two hours my sober friend started playin this who want to be a millionaire game on his phone. My friend who was trippin knew every single question but had no clue why. After about an hour of that my sober friend would look at me and ask me question that made know since like is the ends and outs of life really as colorful as the say they our. And i guess that the combination of drugs really old demented pink floyd and my friend askin me all the question, made me completly freak out. I started seein the wall breathe, i though my family knew i was doin all these drugs but they had no clue, i though i was gonna get fired from my job.The only thing the one of my friend who was trippin could say is im trippin on mushrooms. When people would talk to me i could hear a damn thing the said except like in coherent whispers. All i can say is these shrooms where like no shrooms i have ever eatin before. it was either they were fuckin awesome, the combination of drugs, or evne the fact we ate chocolate before we took them but this trip was better than an acid trip wich is really odd . Oh and listen to piper at the gate of dawn next time your trippin ots perfect music

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