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Frogs and Bottle Airports

Five friends on the road in lazy lincolnshire in the uk.

Five friends on the road in lazy lincolnshire in the uk. After a lengthy journey my friends and i arrived at our destination, another friends house. It was my first time with shrooms and i proceeded to eat a bag of about 50 grams of dried Liberty cap. Things are goinging soundly and joints passed as frequently as time. I was sitting on the floor and looking at the emply bottle of pepsi next to my glass. This was the airport and all the damn planes were late, i look to one of my friends for answers to this outrage and found him encapsulated with kaliedascope colour and a giant chesher cat smile, ear to ear. Unpertubed i proceed to laugh with him about the unstable plane timetables for some time before retreating to the garden for some fesh air about 3 am. The grass was impassable due to the huge amount of frogs all over it( we are talking biblical proportions), therefore further exploration of the garden was dismised. After calming down somewhat a large amount of weed was consumed and home time beckoned. In the passenger seat the view of the early morning mist and the sunrise was hampered only by the unexpected appearing obstructions in the road, these included: a horse drawn carrage, darkened forms of aged pedestrians, and othr 1920s road traffic. This made for a errie ghostlike experience but was soon over when i approaced my home. In bed i had several silent conversations with my self about the microcosm theory of the univere and awoke mid after noon baffled but wisened by the strange sojourn i embarked upon the preious night. I hope you enjoyed my little story. Dan of the triumphant circle of friendship.

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