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Friends of Mushroom John

After a long night of drinking wine and wondering what had happened, just hungover, the four of us got ready to go shop for some things.

After a long night of drinking wine and wondering what had happened, just hungover, the four of us got ready to go shop for some things. We went to "Sonic Boom" and bought "darkside of the moon" on cd and John Lennon. We went to picture shops and a tatoo shop downtown as well. Giggling with music in our hands and probably an ounce of some really good mushrooms at home, we were on our way to watch the "Wizard of Oz." lLike we hadn't done this before.

Before we got home we stopped at the tobacco shop to get some hooka tobacco and coals. We saw some pretty nice double barrelled hookas that we had always wanted. We settled for some tutti fruity flavor, laughed with the arabian who said "tutti fruity", and left.

Finally we took the Cubensis and it probably took fortyfive minutes to feel any effects for me. We all of a sudden got all this energy, and me and James were just stomping heelflips, Matt was laughing so fucking loud at these stupid advertisements in a fucked up magazine, Dan was wondering what was going to happen when this was all over. Over? From there, we just drank strawberry-banana orange juice, at multi-vitamins, and drank energy drinks to build up our immune systems for a better effect.

Fuzzy and warm, we were ready to hit the hooka. I gladly accepted to load the bowl.I went to the kitchen, forgot what I was doing a few times wehn it slipped out of my hands and hit the floor. It smashed into tiny bits as time slowed down and I just watched. Then time sped up and everyone was in the kitchen. The hooka was brought from Iraq, from Dan, who was visiting. He just happened to be there when it broke. An awesome co-incidence. I also realized we'd seen new, double barrell hookas that day. A very funny and risky thought. Another co-incidence. I think this started out engines.

We started shrooming balls. I think the four of us had eaten a whole fat ounce. The shrooms were abnormally huge and deformed. I was feeling incredible lightness and overwheliming happiness. Like I was made of styrofoam. We spoke in what sounded like a different language on a cosmic, fantasmagorical level. (haha) and the words all fit together beautifully, as we only had great, simple things to say. Everything made absolute sense, no questions, just answers.

With an astounding amount of common sense, we walked out to our lake in the back of the complex at four in the morning. One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and it was just a duck pond. The mist and the clouds were low and the trees were singing. We talked of infinite knowledge, on an infinite level, in a different world that would keep us forever interested in this life and the next.

Basking in the quiet, heaven, we saw this little red light of an old man searching for mushrooms in the park. We asked him to come over and talk to us. We was quieter than a mouse. He was in all black, waterproof boots, and a big white beard. Name was John. He knew exactly what we were doing. He had been into eating shrooms for about 25 years. I talked non-stop to him for about 2 and a half hours about the everything from music to lifetimes we'd known eachother. It was an absolute, definite miracle. He told of how he had taken called "somas." He said he had been as a grizzly bear, watersnake etc. I saw my entire life before my eyes and pure love everywhere I looked. I thought for once that Id died, gone to heaven, and that I was waiting for everyone to get there. (these mushrooms were the best)

just remember that life is only what you make it, not just what you see. Ive been inspired by these moments, but I can only live them without shrooms. Keep exploring.

thanks for reading. RJ

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