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Freaky fun

It was yesterday, jan 12 2002, when i took mushrooms for the second time.

It was yesterday, jan 12 2002, when i took mushrooms for the second time. See, the first time they were brown and goldish, and i found out those arent that good because apparently 3 grams made me not really see anything but colors a bit differently.

This time, however, i had 8 grams and they were really blue, dry, and it was me and my friend, "Lee", and his bro in firs year junior high named "T". Me and Lee had eight G'z each, and T had 1 stem and some of the remaining dust from our "plate" which he licked.. it was his first time seeing and trying shrooms, even tho it was little. right after we ate em, it was 6:35 PM, his parents were in the house where we ate em, and after we finished we went outside.

7PM: i just know that it was around 7 when we were walkin outside for a little bit, not long, when i started to feel the weird sinking feeling, and then my mind spun and i was just in the middle of the street between trees, and it was interesting.. T felt a the "heavy stoned" feeling only and laughed a lot but i guess was no where near me and Lee's high. He was the little guy that was making funny jokes and we laughed..

We ended goin to a park and i just felt my legs get heavy and hurt so i dropped, and layed down but because the 2 brothers thought it was funny and weird i got up and sat down on the bench right beside us, as we all did. i looked around and sure enough i was pretty high. We kept walking, heading to 2 sisters' house but we were pretty fucked halfway so we went back.. and i started seeing the snow a bit colorful, i was laughing a lot, and some things were just weird

I was lost and i thought they were too but we finally made it to their house again, and went downstairs to Lee's room. Immediatly the pictures were trippy, wavy, and 3d coming out at me.. the roof was flowing with patterns, and it was usually just a regular roof with white dots on it that when u scrape they come off. But it all looked different. Lee's mom came down stairs and we were just laughing and goofin off and staring at the ceiling when he said he wanted to talk to his mom.. uh oh, this wasnt good.

He talked to her, told her everything so she understood, and we tripped out.. and a lot of the time Lee stuck by his mom talkin to her or listening to her saying she was upset at the things people do like we did. He came to his room again but was more seriouse and trying to sleep, and eventually i had to go to the other room because he seemed to be pissed and i just wanted to chill together. It was great laughing with T tho.

Then i came back after and Lee got more pissed and finally left to the other room, where he said he seen some weird shit like words flying around and such. What i seen tho, when looking at him up close in his room earlier, was that his face was made up of "liquidy" puddles of water or some see thru stuff. By then i was pretty much seing the red green purple and blue shades in everything, and no matter what, the T.V (hockey game) and pictures werent normal anymore, no matter what, everything made no sense and jumped around, the players in the Hockey game just ended up skating back where they came from somehow, and i couldnt read the score because it was all wavy and too hard.

I was pissed off at Lee when he locked himself in his bro T's room and didnt wanna come out, and was pissed when i came to the door.. i started mumbling "open up" and some weird stuff but he got mad and i went back to his room, called someone, it sounded all weird, and then went back to bug Lee again so he would come back out, but he was just angry.

Later on he said he thought he was gonna die the whole time and he seen words flying across the room. But me, i finally decided to go outside because it's always supposed to be more trippy, and so i put on my shoes fast (but it was kinda hard and trippy) and then as soon as i was outside T and their Mom came from the liquor store and i was trying to say that i wantd to just go outside, she said "just dont go out and kill yourself, ok "A"?" And i said to not worry.

I stopped T tho and asked him to come outside but he wanted to go inside cuz he was back home, but i still wantd to go out no matter what and made him come with me.. everything was odd and wavy and i have little memory of my trip but it was weird.. and i was acting angry and weird and yelled because Lee was being a bitch..

So T and i eventually just went around the block and came back to his house to knock on the the window of the room Lee was in.. and then we went inside and he came out by then wearing his blanked, and he went past me upstairs and said "im scared". Basically everything was weird and my goal was to trip with him.. i went upstairs and he was sittin happily in bed talking to his mom and i sat by him as we started mumbling things that made no sense, and laughing with his brother. Everything was moving, i couldnt really control myself, or feel my body. It seemed like hours but it was only about 8.

Lee got up and kicked some glass and broke it, because he wanted a smoke.. then his dad came in all furiouse and wanted him to get out.. i just ran downstairs and waited, and shortly went upstairs after seeing visuals (which i seen a lot that night).. and we sat on the couch as his dad was watchin hockey there and so was T, and me and Lee tried but the game was too hard to see the real way it was. We talked and stuff, i got up many times and asked him to come outside but he was cold and never wanted to.. then i went to the washroom twice, and my piss was blue.

Looking in the mirror i seen an elf, and thats about it. Finally with my jacket on after, i went outside by myself (first time with T i was just in my shirt, i couldnt feel myself wearing clothing). I walked out the gate and hugged the tree and said something and almost kissed it, and right beside me was the wide open clear window a little above where his Dad was watching the game but instead looking at me do this.. so was T.. and they both thought i was weird.. so i just shrugged it off and went away, kept walking.

I thought i was dying as i went around the block and back into the house, and there was Lee downstairs talking to his mom as nothing made sense again, he was in his blanked again, as his mom was folding laundry in the laundry room and talking to a puzzled and high Lee. I sometimes walked in and was talking too, mostly being insulted as "insane" and "bad" by his mom, actually both of us were, me and Lee. Lee was back in his room and bed and i layed down again, but after a while he got kind of pissy and i had to leave to T's room, i decided to try sleeping.. never worked tho, as T gave me a blanket and said "go to sleep man", which sounded really distorted.

IN THAT ROOm, i thought i was going to die. I tried sleeping but voices, sounds, thoughts, and weird figures kept keeping me awake. I closed my eyes and when i opened them i was shocked from the thoughts of death and "why".. "why do we live" or "what if i die i dont want to i just wanna end this trip".. it was all crazy, until i finally went to Lee's room again and listened to his Mom yap and went back to T's room, again couldnt sleep, and kept hearing his mom's voice talking and everything was just making a noise. Finally she went upstairs and i heard Lee call me so i went to his room, layed down, and we just talked until i finally regained all my sense pretty much, touch and sounds, but my visuals and everything was still on totally, but i could think pretty straight as we nicely talked about what happened to each other and how we were stupid to do this to his parents.

What a night.. i wanted to stop the trip and never go back but right after i forgot most of it and want to do it again, 8 grams, even alone, and have a ball.

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