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eyes are falling

went to my friend's cabin (this is fairbanks, alaska) to trip for the first time.

went to my friend's cabin (this is fairbanks, alaska) to trip for the first time. this was his 2nd time, and these mushrooms were ones he had grown himself.

his cabin is near a dirt road but it's quite a ways out of town, so there's hardly any traffic and there's plenty of space between his cabin and other houses in the area. his cabin is small and cylindrical, about 20 feet in diameter, and there's an upstairs with a cone shaped roof.

the shrooms were psilocybe cubensis (pf strain). he only had about 6.5 grams (dried) so we split them 50/50 and he added them to the tomato sauce for the spaghetti.

we finished our plates of spaghetti around the same time and very shortly after my last bite I was already feeling lightheaded. it was great to experience the different stages of the onset of the trip at the same time as my friend was. when we were experiencing the initial effects (intense colors, disorientation, etc.) we were still able to speak clearly to each other, and we could communicate that we were feeling and seeing the same things.

since this was my first trip, beforehand I was a little concerned about vomiting, but about 10 minutes into the trip I was relieved that I wasn't feeling nauseous. one thing that was concerning me, though, was that if I started laughing, after I stopped laughing, my throat and neck were still tensed up, as they had been while laughing. I was afraid I might choke on my saliva because of this, so I tried not to think about it, which was probably very wise.

I have no recollection of the order in which things occurred beyond this point.

I remember my friend persuaded me that we should go walking in the woods, even though I was convinced I couldn't walk. putting on my bunny boots was INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT!! I couldn't put my foot into the boot, the height of the boot kept changing. on our way outside we noticed how his cabin door was moving. it's a wooden door, and on close inspection you can see the individual lines of the wood. all the lines were dancing around, but neither of us could tell what was changing because when you concentrated on a specific area of the door, it stayed still! it was very frustrating so we gave up and went outside.

while outside, I started getting auditory hallucinations. every sound had an echo: the birds chirping and the sound of walking on packed snow. I kept on mumbling quietly and making noises with the spit in my mouth.

when we got cold we went back into the cabin. I went upstairs for some reason. I was warming up quick because there's a fireplace and the "chimney" goes straight up through the top floor. I was getting so hot that I was afraid I might die of heat stroke or something, so I tried to take off my longsleeve buttoned shirt that I had worn as a kind of jacket outside. this was very difficult as well, the buttons were tricky.

I was becoming aware of a strange feeling on my scalp. it felt like I was bald and there was rain falling on my head and neck.

I went downstairs. my friend's dad came by!! he couldn't have picked a worse time! luckily he didn't stay long enough to discover that we were tripping and somehow my friend was able to talk to him in a sober manner. I'm not even sure his dad realized I was there because I was trying to be as small as possible in a corner and he didn't say 'hi'.

his dad had come over to ask if he would like to go to a concert later that day, and unfortunately my friend said 'yes'! it was going to be in few hours, so after his dad left, he relized he would have to call his dad with his cell phone (there isn't a regular phone in my friend's cabin) and say that he couldn't go.

now to make a call with a cell phone, you have to drive up the mountain that the cabin is on because the cabin is too low and surrounded by trees to get any cell phone service. so my friend was cooly saying how he had to take the short drive up the hill so he could use his cell phone, and I was thinking 'what? you can't do that! you're on shrooms!' but he was confident in his ability and I let him go.

after watching the car dissappear down the driveway I thought 'what have I done? I've let my friend kill himself! oh fuck!' and that's when I began to come down. I was feeling sooo bad. I was hoping it was all a hallucination, even his dad being a hallucination, but then he pulled back into the driveway and I was so relieved.

I had this notebook that I was keeping with me and trying to write things in, like what time it was. I tried writing a story but all I got down was 'eyes are falling'. I wasn't really seeing eyes falling, but that's the phrase that came to mind.

at one point, it must have been while I was peaking, I experienced a time lapse. I'm not sure if that's what I should call it and it's kind of hard to describe, but I'll try: well, I was standing, looking at my friend's cat and my friend passed between myself and his cat and then I saw him pass between myself and his cat AGAIN just a split second later! It was a mind fucking experience!!

the coming down part of the trip was great too. I felt drained of energy and relaxing on the sofa was just perfect. I felt I could sink into it and fall asleep.

I think one of the nicest aspects of tripping on shrooms is that throughout the entire trip I felt like I could think clearly, something you're unable to do when drunk. it was a truely wonderful experience, I'll no doubt be eating more fungi in the future.

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