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freakin faeries

Munched around 11, sitting around the room, listening to music, talking.

Munched around 11, sitting around the room, listening to music, talking. A. tells a story of his friend planning a dinner with his parents. The idea was to go over for dinner, spike the food with LSD, and just when they are starting to trip, put on little ELF suits and start running around the house like mad.

The mushroom kicked in shortly afterwards. Feeling of lightness, admiring Brother Blue symmetry. Ashley is getting restless, we decide to go out. Walk outside, down E. street, end up at the Pump. The atmosphere is pleasant, while the boys wait for beers I diverge on a pleasant little side trip with pretty girls.

Come back to the table. Eye contact key. Conversation fluent, dolphins, moms, duress, funny things are everywhere. Hightened perception and a feeling of understanding - acute awareness of emotions and overall mood. Ashley, clearly standing out from the background is not doing well - "too many mushrooms, not enough beer", he's having trouble following conversation, mostly due to lack of context.

Bar closes, walk over to D's. Great tunes - Depeche Mode, I'm taking a ride with my best friend. Weird things start to happen. Not time warps, but self-referential moments of realization. This, of course, brings up the ELVES again. The connections are endless, and I can feel a presence, not necessarly entity, but increased energy, the stuff debauchery is made of. The elves speed up my heart beat, smooth out the conversation to the point where we finish each other's sentences; adrenaline rush, I'm breathing pretty hard at this point.

Bob Marley - Exodus. The lava lamp looks like a horned red figure, staring down from above. Music follows thought patters, perhaps the other way around. Put in Nirvana Unplugged (Exodus indeed), Kurt singing "I don't have a gun". Loathing music brings up Courtney Love. The hydrophobic slime in the lava lamp is now at the bottom, and the (Nevermind) baby floats up above.

Freakin Faeries...

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