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fragmenting reality

My friend got 10 grams to split even among four people.

My friend got 10 grams to split even among four people. They were lab shrooms and apparently they were supposed to be strong. They eventually hit me hard, but only with the help of weed. We ate them strait up in my friends sweet whip by the river; they definitely tasted bad, but we had some poweraide option to wash them down. My other friend was driving the car of the kid who got the shrooms, and he drove us around for an hour and a half while the shrooming kids smoked cigarettes and laughed. Not too many visuals during this part. Everything just felt like a dream, and the sky was changing colors. We got outside twice: once to take a piss and another time in a church parking lot to walk around. Taking a piss was cool: the plants grew around my feet and the car looked a million miles away. The ground sort of moved around like liquid. When we started driving around again, I knew I was tripping somewhat. We stopped at an intersection, and the streets of the intersection kept converging and expanding out of the middle of the intersection. 'Digeridoo' by Aphex Twin came on, and I start freaking out with my head, and the whole world seemed to be shaking around. We drove to that church parking lot and met my other strait friend cuz the first strait friend had to go home. I was laying in the grass with my headphones on. I was listening to some Polygon Window, which is another alias for Aphex Twin, and the sky was changing colors again and the trees were breathing and the branches were twisting. The grass felt like it was melting into my back. My other strait friend took me home, and then we all got in his car to go pick up some weed at an outdoor mall. We chilled in the parking lot to some dub reggae; by now it was wearing off. I just felt kind of high. We got an eight for a good price, which made me happy, and we went back home to go smoke. Before that happened,my mom yelled at me for having my phone off and smelling like cigarettes, which put me in a bad mood which would proceed to fuck up the next part of the story. I smoked 2 bowls of some fire dank and the trip FINALLY kicked in. We were watching the making of the dark side of the moon, and 2 of my friends who came over and had only smoked said that they were hallucinating like I was, which scared me bc that made me think that the weed was laced, which it wasnt. The weed just tipped off the trip that was latent at the time. Anyway, all the pink floyd characters were morphing into eachother, and it was pretty cool, but i was feeling nervous. We put on a Talking Heads concert called Stop Making Sense, and one of friends said that David Byrne had black eyes. From then on, i could not make his eyse look normal again; he was permanently a demon. It sucked cuz i love david byrne. The walls began to melt and an indescribable feeling took place: the air and the matter in the room in all of the ether of my surroudnings began to disentegrate. Shards of reality were breaking up in front of me. I looked at my friend next to me and blood started coming out of his mouth. I saw skulls in many innocent shapes. I thought that the laced weed would make me permanently schizo. I was scared as shit. Then i forced myself to enjoy this, cuz i had paid some money for the experience. I wavered in between fear and pleasure, and then i was ready for The Wall. As freaky as that movie is strait, it was really fun tripping. All the fragmenting kept happening, but i was really digging the music, and the cool animations would pop out of the Tv into the room. I passed out, then I woke up and went to my room. Moral of the story: know exactly wat ur putting inside urself, and dont have any parents around. Disappointing because it was scary, but still really cool.

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