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Fountains and Keg

Monday afternoon I had the good luck of running across a friend of a friend who had hustled some guy out of 500 dollars I shrooms in a pool game.

Monday afternoon I had the good luck of running across a friend of a friend who had hustled some guy out of 500 dollars I shrooms in a pool game. I bought a fat half ounce off of him. I took about .2 g of the shrooms early that afternoon, because I was not going to be able to actually start tripping until later that night, and wanted a preview of what was to come. Between the .2 g and the weed that I had smoked, I actually felt the shrooms a bit. I felt a more euphoric high than when I just smoke weed, and in addition, I felt much more absorbed by the music that I was listening to.
So anyway, that night at about 6 pm, DC, MF, AF and I divided up the shrooms at AF's apartment. First we broke off four eigths from the baggy of shrooms. There was only one cap in the whole bag, which I took. But there was still a reasonably large amount of shrooms left. JM, who had been sitting there smoking cigarretes, asked if he could have it. He had never tripped before, and is a bit of a tweeker, so we all went into a huddle to decide if we would allow him to take them. The consensus was that it would be better if we divided the rest up between the four who were already tripping. After handing out the rest of the shrooms, each pile was around 4.5 grams, maybe just under. DC and I had our shrooms with pizza and coke. MF ate a gram and AF made tea with his shrooms and the rest of hers.
I did not feel the initial high that I get after eating the shrooms. As we all sat around the table however, I noticed that I felt unbelievably comfortable in the chair that I was in. I felt like I was almost melting into it. When AF and MF finally began to drink their tea, I began getting really high. I think that we had smoked some weed also, which was helping. I began seeing colors floating in the air, everhwere except in front of peoples faces. People's faces also looked kind of disconnected from their bodies. I looked over at this dragon that was on the table. I wanted it to start moving, but it didn't. So I just looked down and my knees. The shadows on my right pant leg began to move and around, and pretty soon green was flowing around the shadows, and they began melting into one another.
When AF was done with his shroom tea, there were the shrooms and some tea left at the bottom. He offered it to me, and I graciously drank about half of what was left, which was not too much, but probably had about .5 g of shrooms in it. DC had some of the tea as well. JM asked if he could have the left over soggy shrooms at the bottom, and we said he could. He also had MF's soggy shroom left-overs when she finished hers. At this point I was tripping pretty hard. The that I had been seeing were buzzing around, radiating outwards from people's faces. This looked especially strange, especially when combined with the way that everyone's head seemed to be floating around over people's bodies. I looked at the table, and the grain would flow and stretch. The black spots on the table opened up and shuffled around a bit. I looked over at my bong, and the outline of the glass kept shifting, and the marbles swirled around.
Around this time people started showing up for the pony keg that was going on at AF's apartment. When GW walked in, his forehead looked enormous, and seemed to bulge out above his eyes. JM's face started to do this also, except his eyebrows kind of looked like an additional set of eyes. This was really tripping me out, and DC and I decided that it was time to go down to this fountain that we had been planning on going to while shrooming. The moment I stepped outside, I really started tripping hard. Everything seemed almost unreal. The dark spots on the stairway would contract to about a third of their size, disappear for a second, and then reappear full again, over and over. As DC and I were walking over to my car, the ground seemed alive, the plants were all wriggling around and opening up. When we got in the car, we decided that it would be better if I not drive, so we got a ride down to the fountain with MF and GW, who were going on a cigarette run.
When we got dropped off, about 100 feet from the fountain, I looked down at the ground, and my perpective was completely screwed. Everything directly below me looked magnified, and everything to the side warped outwards. This effect was quite similar to what two player mode looks like in Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64. The pebbles on the ground seemed huge, and cast large shadows. When I looked closer at the ground, All the pebbles began moving around, and I noticed that one of them was a rolly polly. I started freaking out because for a moment I though that they were all bugs, and that I was gonna start having a bad trip. But after a second inspection, I decided that there were not bugs everywhere, I was just tripping.
At this point I really needed to relieve myself. I went over to a bush, and started taking a piss. This was strange, because I could actually feel my bladder emptying, or at least it felt like I could. Now this fountain we were at is actually two fountains, across the street from one another. The fountain that DC and I were by was just a plain old fountain, with like a 12 foot jet of water. This was not doing anything cool, however, the reflection off the pool of water next to it was pretty cool. We crossed to street to go to the other fountain, which is much cooler. It is basically a 25 foot wall, with like 35 or so thin steps running across it. It is all light up at night too. When I went up to the wall, I saw veins of purple running thought it. The water looked so beautiful, I dipped my hand in it and went up right next to the wall and sat down. I looked up at the top of the wall, and the effect of the water bouncing off the steps was amazing. It looked like thousands of slug like aliens with antennae trying to come out of the wall. Then I began to notice the echo off the wall. It sounded pretty similar to the auditory hallucinations that I get on Nitrous Oxide. Except that instead of the single echoing zapping sound that I hear in my head on Nitrous, this sounded like a chorus of the sounds, coming off the wall. As if these alien creatures were trying to speak to me.
I turned around, and looked up at DC, his entire body was slightly glowing. We began staring at this large square column, which has a cool bumpy pattern on it. After staring at the wall for a few seconds, it became totally alive. It flowed, but looked solid at the same time. This was an amazing but indescribable effect. I looked up closer at the wall, and all the big nobs in the pattern would wiggle around. I rested against the wall, and this one section of the wall looked completely seperated from the rest of the wall. The one section looked as if I had my head right up next to it, but I was sure that my head was at least a foot from the wall, and most of the wall what the wall looked like confirmed that notion.
Eventually we decided that it was time to head back to AF's apartment. I think that this was about when I was peaking. We began walking back to AF's place, but the sidewalk ended at some shrubs. We cut behind the shrubs to see if we could get past then, and we entered this clearing. It was a small field that ended in a hill. The dry plants that were everywhere were luminescent, but almost transparent, as if they were made of only light. The ground felt kind of hollow, like it was a layer of dirt over some softer substance. DC and turned back and crossed the street. The cars sounded crazy. They made strange harmonic tones that wavered up and down, it immediately reminded me of the remix of Montagne de Ore from the second cd of "The Best of The Orb." Trails of color followed behind them. The pavement in the street looked completely rainbow colored, and the cracks jiggled around.
As we were walking back, we passed by a wall on the side of the street that we wondered about. We hopped up on the wall, and there was this enormous flat area that I could not make heads or tails of. In the center was an grey ellipse, surrounded by blackness, with more gray off to the left, and buildings to the right. We figured that it was a construction side. We went over the wall and went down to some black area that was pavement. There were tire tracks all over that glowed a grayish-white. I felt at peace, standing in darkness in this otherworldly place, with my arms melting into my jacket, and my legs melting into the ground. Eventually we left crawling under this one fence.
After we left, I walked along this dirt path for a while, that had a break down the center of it with a pipe running through. I began walking right by this crack, and the ground broke below me, and felt amazingly mushy. When the sidewalk ended, we began walking in the bike lane. My perspective was skewed again, so everything on the ground was magnified, and this time I was sure that I was seeing lots of bugs. I told DC what I was seeing, and soon we began getting all excited we got down close looking at all the freaky rolly pollys…"there's a bug there"…"and another one there"…"and another one"…"and another one," the whole moment was building up, and we were tripping hell of hard, and then all of a sudden this car that was driving by honked its horn at us and we just freaked. Soon we just began laughing because of how funny the whole thing was.
We crossed the street again to get into AF's apartment complex. We pushed open and walked through the automatic gate, it felt like it was trying to kill me as it tried to stay shut. The whole place felt like this secure complex to me. I began to imagine that the whole place was meant to keep out this one freaky guy at our school. I imagined insect creatures like the ones from starship troopers, with this guys face for a head, trying to get into AF's apartment complex. I could almost see them flying around all over. I told DC about this and we began cracking up, pretending to shoot every one that got inside. As we reached AF's place, we saw that a bunch of people were in his truck outside, and headed that way. I felt like smoking weed, and they had smoked the sack I brought, so they told me to get AF's weed from inside the apartment.
It was around nine o'clock. When I entered the apartment, I saw all the people that had been showing up when DC and I left. They all looked weird, but everyone was looking pretty strange. People's faces kept deforming. One thing that kept happening was one of someone's eyeballs would bulge, and become like 2 or 3 times its original size, and their forheads would deform to accompany it. DC and I each took a bongrip, and then went out to the car and boxed with AF and MF and another MF. The texture of AF's car seats looked extremely deep, like the woven pattern stuck out half a centimeter or so. As I was walking back towards AF's stairs, everything began to look like it was on television. Fuzzy-like and distant, as if I was observing it, not taking part in it. I think that I may have hit a level four at this point. I could really see the weed working, producing marbling and swirling patterns of light.
When I got back inside, peoples faces were deforming even more. EJ's face was tripping me out the worst. Her eyes kept bulging, and she was extremely drunk, so she would get up in my face, and her nose would like bend around, crazy stuff like that. She looked like some crazy old midget witch, but an extremely pleasant one. People's gestures began to effect the marbling patterns of the weed. Like when GW lifted his arm, brilliant purple and green flew off the tips of his fingers, and faded away into the air. I was sipping on some beer, and looking around at everyone at the table. I began to understand people on a different level, I could see and almost feel each person's emotions. I decided around this point that this was the most fun that I have ever had on a trip so far. I looked behind me and the shadows that all the artwork cast on the walls began moving around, whispering around each drawing, disappearing behind the drawings, then reappearing. The table was still doing the same effect that it had done before I left.
At one point, I got up and went to the bathroom. As I came out of the bathroom, I decided to check out the mirror for a bit. The moment I looked at my face, it began to really distort. My eyes would bulge, and went I tilted my head down, my nose would droop like it was liquidy, and then my mouth bulged out several inches. I entertained myself with this for several minutes.
Later, I went over to this shroom that I had drawn the last time I tripped, and the colors in it were radiating. Each stroke of the pencil would race around, in continual motion, as if the poster was still being drawn on. At this point DC told me that he had not tripped that hard. I think that it might have been simply because he forgot a lot of what had happened, or that maybe he just had an extremely mental trip, and did not recognize how hard he was tripping. We sat back down and messed around with the blacklight while Orblivion was playing. There was this one blunt on the table that reflected the blacklight in a way that I best described when I said it "made me see the weed working again." The colors it reflected both made me see the patterns weed gives me on shrooms, and made me feel the weed interacting with the shrooms. One cool thing that we noticed was the way that the blacklight casts shadows on cigarettes so you can see where the tobacco is. The ash also looked pretty damn strange in the blacklight.
Eventually DC and I drove back his place at around 1 in the morning. We picked up some weed, smoked a bit. This made me feel the shrooms again. Then we went back to his place to sleep. This is a pretty quick conclusion to such a long trip report, so I am sorry. But I hope you have enjoyed it…If you would like to talk to me for some reason…you can reach me at Timmi420@aol.com.

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