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I'm a pretty average girl with an average job.

I'm a pretty average girl with an average job. I work at a software company in the Silicon Valley. I'm not much of a tripper. I've done shrooms maybe 4 times and acid once. I also liked to get stoned from time to time, okay maybe a little more then time to time ;)

I have to say i've really enjoyed all of my shrooming experiences except for the last time I tripped. It was almost a week ago from today and my boyfriend and I were jazzed about going to a Roger Waters concert. We love Pink Floyd and had 4th row seats. We were anticipating this day for a long time. We knew we wanted to take something to trip out, I mean it's Pink Floyd for gods sake. So it was my boyfriends mission to find schrooms or acid. Right away he was able to purchase a couple eighths of shrooms.

It's the day of the concert and we're on the way out the door when a roommates friend offered us some more schrooms that she got from a concert the night before. Even though we already had plenty for us my boyfriend accepted the shrooms because his brother was going to the concert with us and he wanted plenty for everyone.

It's now about 7:30 and i'm in my boyfriend's car and his brother is in the back seat splitting up everyone's portions. In the past, we've always taken about half an eighth each. I was completely happy with that. Good buzz, a lot of giggling and good times. My boyfriend on the other hand wanted to take it a step further. He wanted us each to
have an eighth. I decided the hell with it and agreed to trip out hard core this time.

About 20 minutes later I notice a change in me. The typical smile that won't die and a lot more talking between the three of us. I'm always a chatter box when I shroom. It was now about 10 minutes before the concert starts and we are all sitting in our seats waiting for the concert to start. I noticed both my boyfriend and his brother looked a little greenish and like they weren't feeling too well. We acknowledged that this is normal and the tummy aches would eventually go away. About 5 minutes later my boyfriend started to feel like he was going to faint. He said if he passed out to just let him lie on the ground, but not to make a scene about it. I started to get worried and asked his brother what we should do. I was feeling really paranoid like everyone was staring at us and knew we
were tripping out. We all agreed it was a good idea to get up and walk around for a little while. We didn't make it far. We found a grassy area where we all just feel down and
talked about how we were trippin out big time. My boyfriend was sweating a lot and was having a hard time walking. At this point, I was very concerned. And to top it off, his brother was starting to have a bad trip. I thought maybe it would be a good idea if I got food in our mouths so I went and purchased 3 pretzels. At this point, the concert
had already started. I headed back to see my boyfriend tripping out at this wooden statue and he's brother tripping out on the grass. Neither of them wanted to go back into
the concert and I was kind of bummed because I thought we were going to miss a song or two. Little did I know that wasn't the worst of it. We all agreed that we were trippin
out a little more then we wanted to. My boyfriends brother called his girlfriend to come pick him up. I had to go back to our seats to get our sweaters and realized quickly that it was a good thing that we weren't in the concert. The music tripped me out big time and I recall thinking I heard demons singing background in whatever song was playing. I
quickly grabbed our sweaters and almost ran out of there. There was way too many people and way too much going on. We decided we had to leave. We were all paranoid thinking that we were going to get in trouble and I was worried one of us would start making a scene to draw attention to us. I remember thinking what a waste, but at the same time was relieved we were leaving. Me, my boyfriend and his brother decided we would sit outside of the concert to wait for his brother's girlfriend to pick him up. As we were waiting there, there was a couple people around us tripping out too. For some reason I really didn't like being around those people. I thought they were evil. I remember sitting there and a cop car driving by and my boyfriend yelled out, " we're busted, there coming to get us". He got up and said I need to get the hell out of this place, I don't like this scene. His brother couldn't leave because he's girlfriend was picking him up. He asked that I stay with him while he waits but I was torn because my boyfriend was really trippin out on that scene. I apologized to his brother and said we
had to go try and find the car so we can just trip out there. I thought familiar surroundings would be good at this point. This is when my trip went to a whole other level.

So this is our journey to the car. In reality, the car was parked about two blocks from the concert. As we were approaching the street two guys were fighting and it really
freaked my out. I just remember thinking they were evil and they were going to try and kill us. I remember looking back at the concert and thinking it looked miles away but I
knew it couldn't of been more then a quarter mile away. I had no sense of time or sense of where we were. I started to feel helpless and scared. I just wanted to crawl in a
corner somewhere until the trip was over. I remember wondering if I was ever going to wake up from this trip and if I was going to end up in a insane asylum. We both kind of just feel under this tree and laid there because we could hardly see straight. I remember thinking, god please just get me through this. Finally we got up to try and find the car. I didn't recognize street names or anything. I felt so helpless and out of control. My boyfriend was just talking gibberish the whole time. Something about, I lost my smarts, look at us were smurfs, and oh yeah, every minute or so "I'm alive, I just woke up, I'm in existence". It almost helped me keep sane by trying to control him.

Almost three hours later and a lot of the same stuff in between we found the car. At that point we were 5 hours into our trip and I was finally starting to come around. We sat in the car for about an hour debating on whether or not we should drive home. About 8 hours into the trip and me being mentally exhausted we finally drove home. I was so
happy to be in my house and in my bed.

I remember thinking that was an experience like no other. It scared me and opened by eyes at the same time. The next day we both called in sick to work and hung out with
eachother all day. In a way I think I appreciate things a lot more now and I don't sweat the little things. It definitely changed my life. I haven't decided if i'm going to do schrooms again, but deep down I think I will.

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