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Floating around

Dose: 2.

Dose: 2.8 g shroom (closed cap w/ gold specks) + 1.8 g

"normal "mushroom

To begin. I had scored these shrooms about 2 weeks

previously, it was part of a fat 3/8ths that me and friends

had been slowly picking at. The remains I shared between

myself and a friend. This was to be his first trip, he had

3.0 grams of potent shrooms. I was going to eat another gram

of stem, but the way things progressed, my mind didn’t need

any more mushrooms.

I ate the shrooms at about 5:30, and proceeded to watch the

Simpsons with the psychedelic chili’s. For those that are

unaware of that episode, Homer eats "insanity peppers " and

goes off on his own journey. I have the best 8 minutes of

that episode on tape, when the tape was near over, I could

see the familiar fractal pattern slowly unfolding on the

white walls. Looking at the simpsons, there were frames of

trippy animation that wern’t visable before.

Ten minutes after I ate, full blown open eye visuals of my

skin shifting in a cartoony way. This is where I made a

mistake, I decided to go outside with my friend to a local

forest and smoke a bowl.

After about 15 minutes, we came to a relativly quiet part of

the forest, where the trip kicked into high gear. I don’’

remember if I even smoked a bowl or not. The trees were

spawning fractals upon fractals upon fractals! 5 distinct

layers of skin were visable, etc etc etc. I guess, about

T+45 min, I simply lost it. I had full blown hallucinations,

I was in the forest, but when I closed my eyes, I was on the

side of a hill, looking off into an infinite number of miles

of twilight fields. My friend tells me I was yelling

HEADSPACE into the forest at the top of my lungs. I wouldn’t

smoke a bowl, now THAT is odd. I remember holding the pipe,

but my attention would be distracted instantenously. It was

at this point I wished I had an experianced tripping

companion, who could have probably talked me down. But my

friend had no such experiance, so the mapcap rants

continued. I proceeded to lose my pipe, a laser pointer, my

ID, my pipe pouch and a lighter that night, but I found them

all withen the next day. returnign to the story, I knew I

had to return to my dorm room, I neglected to mention

earlier that I live on a college campus. Somewhere along the

15 minute walk, I lost my friend for whatever reason. I

thought he ditched me, for good reason, I was a raving

maniac, at least, that’s what I thought. I returned to my

room and had a legnthy self-introspective trip, came to many

conclusions, cannot remember a single one. I coulda swore I

recorded 30 minutes of this on tape, but I guess I didn’t.

The recording I got was some music and me screaming YES,

FUCK YAAA! even louder than I should have been able to. The

reason I screamed was because my friend had returned, and I

was overjoyed to have somebody to talk to besides myself.

After this point, the trip went very well, even though for

the most part I stayed in my room. We listened to music, did

standard tripping stuff until about 10 o’clock, I was still

feeling the shrooms hard, he was almost down. So we broke

out balloons and did about 4 whippets of nitrous. This was a

first for us both. He went off smiling, I proceeded to

almost float around the room for about an hour or so. I

could see the walls change angles as I went to the cieling,

and over to the fridge, as I sat on my bed. That’s about it,

not very productive.

I’d say this was level 4 because the OEV’s TOTALLY replaced

reality. As well, the ‘360í Panoram

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