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The first time trippin', a friend and I bought a quarter ounce of shrooms, when we got back to his house we split the quasi even between us.

The first time trippin', a friend and I bought a quarter ounce of shrooms, when we got back to his house we split the quasi even between us. We then proceeded to gobble them up. We knew that it would be a while before anything took effect, so we went on his back porch and smoked some bowls of dank. After about an hour, my friend walked over to our insence stick/strobe light setup(which basically was an insence stick, burning below the elevated strobe light, making the smoke go in front of the strobe light)and started to light the insence. It was at that exact moment when it started to kick in. I was behind him sitting down in a chair, and he had an orange halo around him from the lighter, it was very vivid. He then turned on the strobe light and turned out the lights. That's when things really picked up.

The strobe light he had, had a blue coverslip on it to make the flashes blue. But the flashes were every color; blue, green, red, yellow, orange, it was wild to say the least. I saw shapes of every color appearing and disappearing right before my eyes. I must have sat there for at least an hour staring into blank space. I spent quite a bit of time looking at my hand, for some reason, it had a kind of dark pink to purple smoke coming off of it, and when I moved my hands around, I saw trails, it was so sweet!

After hangin' for a little while, we went back out to smoke a couple bowls. My friend has trestles at either side of his back porch for his grape vines. The shadows of the vines on the ground were moving all around, curling like snakes, flying away. There was also a shadow of a wind chime on the side of his house, when I started to look at it, it moved toward me and appeared to grow larger and larger. I asked him if he could see it and he said no.

When we went back into the house, I sat back into my respective place in my chair. By now, I was really zoning out. I lost a lot of my touch with reality. My friend was laying on his bed, I'm positive he was as messed up as I was but he didn't say much, so I just sat there and enjoyed myself. I started to look at the ceiling, and it was moving, waves of motion went across the ceiling, then it swirled and turned. The faces on the tv were breathing with me, they would even contort, like the one eye would grow really big. I couldn't stop laughing at the tv.

The hallucionations were still coming from the strobe light. Light flashes would stack up onto each other and form long worms and snakes that would simply fly away after a few seconds. Again, we went out to smoke, but we saw his older brother's truck pulling into his street(he was coming back late from a party) we then darted around the side of the house to go into the front door, but when we got out front, there was a cop sitting there doing paperwork, we immediately turned around and ran back into the back door, down to his room and sat in the dark until 5 a.m. and then we fell asleep. It was certainly fun while it lasted!!!

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