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First WONDERFULTrip experience

It all started on I believe a Friday evening (this was quite some time ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy so there might be a few holes, just bare with me), with my friend and I, let's call him C-man, and 10 grams of pretty good shrooms (lotsa cappers), 5 grams a piece, and we were planning on eating allll of them :-D.

It all started on I believe a Friday evening (this was quite some time ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy so there might be a few holes, just bare with me), with my friend and I, let's call him C-man, and 10 grams of pretty good shrooms (lotsa cappers), 5 grams a piece, and we were planning on eating allll of them :-D. So we started our feasting, we ate half and just kinda hung out for a while, about 20-25 minutes, then we ate the other half and sat around for another maybe 5-10 minutes when my friend realized that he should talk to his mom so she doesn't interupt our trip session. So he goes off to talk to his mother and all then I started to look around and my eye caught his carpet, which ordinarily is just a plain solid blue carpet...However, on this particular night it looked like elaborate hotel carpet with "flowery" designs all in it...which crept up the walls as well. I had taken shrooms twice before this (the first time was bunk and the second time I don't think I ate enough) and not had such intense visuals so ealy on before. At this point C-man came sprinting back into his room, face buried into his hands, laughing hysterically, and saying how his mom's face started swirling around....yes...we were both quite fucked at this point, and as I glanced back at the carpet, a certain section of the carpet started to swell and grow (while the designs were still swirling around on it) into a rather large hump. We then decided to leave and adventure about the neighborhood.

Let me tell you about C-man's house now. C-man's house was essentially the perfect location for shrooms; it was literally right next to an elementary school so he had a nice playground and rooftop access for great views of the city, it had a swimming pool, as well as a trampoline...all were put to great use.

At this point before we went on our adventure, how else better to kick off an excursion than to smoke an insanely large bowl? (one of many that night). Now after this, time essentially is out the window, so I'm just going to say the best experiences not in any particular order...because I dont really remember the order, but I will try to put it in the most logical order. So after this bowl, I am pretty sure that we went to C-man's trampoline and layed on this wonderful contraption for at least probably an hour. First we layed face down and it felt like we were flying and since you can see through a trampoline it made it that much better. For me, it got a little bit crazy because there was grass beneath us and I began to fly into a swirling endless pit of blades, however I wasn't afraid and I didn't consider it a bad trip in any way, it was just very intense. My friend and I began to see the grass in various neon colors as well. At one point C-man commented on how he was going to go have a conversation with a rabbit, rolled over, and started cracking up. We then rolled over and looked at his fence and the bushes popping up over it. There was one bush in particular that stuck out to both of us. It was just one tall skinny branch with leaves and on either side two shorter branches of equal length with leaves as well...we had found ourselves a creature to interact with, and it was really crazy because we both saw it as a creature.

After the trampoline we decided to smoke another bowl (of course) and then venture outside the boundaries of his home...into the wide open world...which is a crazy one indeed. We decided we were going to walk over to the elementary school. On the way I began to realize that absolutely everything around me seemed to be wavy and moving, nothing was really still. Especially the trees which were basically all just big ferris wheels to me. So we made our way around to the back of the gym which had a ladder on the back of it so you could reach the rooftops and of course why would we not want to climb buildings on hallucinogenic drugs? We went to the edge of the building facing an amazing view of our city and layed down with our faces hanging off the edge...another terrific flying experience. There we just kinda chilled a bit and talked about really stupid shit I think. Then I suddenly rolled over and looked at him, he rolled over and looked at me, I picked up a handfull of gravel and let it slowly slip through my fingers, and then said the word..."teeth." Every single piece of gravel on the rooftop looked like a perfect molar and we were in a sea of teeth.

After another bowl, what better than to put on snorkling gear and getting into the pool?...I'll tell you what...nothing...because it was one of the best experiences in the world. I instantly submerged myself and breathed in the air deeply...sounding almost like the robotic Darth Vader. And for some reason this translated into "hey...I'm a robot now." So my mission at that point was to slowly treck to the end of the pool to the brilliant light underneath the diving board for some undetermined purpose, but it seemed like a good mission at the time. But I swear to god for that brief period of my life, I was in fact a robot. I was so convinced that I was a robot that I was moving robotically and beeping and booping.

Well, that is essentially my story, hope you enjoyed, there's more, but I either cant remember or it just wasnt as cool.

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