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First trip-Holy Shit

Hey everyone, My names Jon and let me tell you about my first mushroom trip.

Hey everyone, My names Jon and let me tell you about my first mushroom trip. IM writing this intor after writing about thewhole trip and i apologize in advance for its length but there was a lot of stuff that happens....to me it was very intereting and i hope you think so to....enjoy

It was a tuesay morning during a school vacation break and a friend of mine (Jared) said his parents would be gone all day at wokr and invited me to comeot his house for a fun day filled with weed booze and maybe various others if some of his other friends decided to show. I said I would love to and I asked him if I could bring the 3 eighths of shrooms that I had had at my house for going on a month at that point and he said itd be awesome. He told me to bring whoever I could so I called the two kids that I was palnning to trip with (Matt and John) and another frined of mine named Nate and we all got into Jareds at around 12:15

Me matt and John were the only three tripping and we ll made Peanutbutter and mushrooms sandwhiches (mine consisted of around 3.7 grams) and started guzzling vodka like crazy (What Nate and Jared missed out with shrooms they made up for in massive liquor consumption). We hung around Jareds for about five minutes until Nate stumbling around broke Jaredds mothers clock and we decided to head out to the nearby abandoned train tracks near jareds house for a nice afternoon outdoor trip.

As we walked outside the shrooms began to kick in and i couldnt help laughin at everything including a very funny looking elderly neighbor of Jared (which got us i nice brutalstare) and by the time we got to the track I was lost in the amazingness of shrooms.

As we walked down the tracks things began to change, the color of the already beautiful day became sharper and moe defined and the wind felt wonderful against my skin and everything was perfect. A few minutes into the walk Matt decided that I had been lying about my real name and he began calling me Jelthafin (im assuming he was tipping like mad at this point) and To play along in his little joke i decided to rename him Galgamath.

John nate and Jared were walking long ahead of us trying to get to a hllowed out fort where we could all smoke weed in peacebut me and matt decidedto stay back and have our own fun. I ended up lieing on a hill face down being completely absorbd into the wonderful patterns and tunnels amidst my closed eyes and when i reopend them thoe atters stayted ad covered the entire landscape. It was truely amazing.

As matt and I waslked along i found an old wooden crate beside the tracks and i deided to take it waith me for some reason and put anything i deemed fit into it. By the end of the trip it ha a beer can, 5 rocks, a soda botte ca, a koolaid squeez-it and a carpet square i found.

when we caught up with ther others jared had left to go grab some munchies for later and nate began puking like a fountain. At that point i was tripping so hard i thought he was dieing but for some reason that was okbecause he was 'able to hanle death respecabely'. I dont knowwhat that means but aperently thats what i said. When jared came back me and matt left nate to the care of sumone slighlty less intoxicated ad begn to get lost inthe awesoem halucinations we found loiking down at a puddle of water on the ground

Me and jared reunited under a tree to start the weed fun but we could t right away when i neoticed large bruses and bleeding cuts that needed to be fixed first. I got slightly ored with first aid and noticed nate lieing barely conious on the ground and i ran up to him asked if he was ok and i thought that was fun so i ran around to everyone at least 3 times eacvh asking if they were ok and then i decided to wander father up the tracks. After 20 or so feet i discovered the front half of a car frame with a nearyl destroyed engine but none of the back of the car and that confused me bad enough that i had to sit down and think about it for a good 10 minutes before i realised jared had a bowl packed under the tree. BUt as i was going back he said it was time to go back to his house and we ould smoke there.

Somehow on the walk back Matt and I were separated from the group again which truned out real bad cuz after we got off the tracks we were in a neighborhood we didnt know and got completel lost in sum dudes driveway. Jared nateand john were well ahead of us and me and matt were just hangin out in the driveway again styaring at the puddle agian.

After what seemeed like an eternity people began coming in and out of houses surroinding us like mad and it drove me to believe that it was all a dream and i was jsutpassed out on the tracks sumwhere and id wake up and be fine. After a few minutes (invloving matt for some reson becoming very angry with his hat) jared and john came to get us in my 'dream' and bring us backto jareds house where nate was passed out on the couch. Everytrhing to me was still jsut a dream and that becasme positice to me when my sister showed up to pick us up. At that point the others were mostly sober but i was still tripping pretty hard and aprently i scared thme with random mutterings and breking 2 of jareds cd's due to the fact that i thought i ws dreaming. My sister dropped matt and John off at johns house and because i still seemed like i was tripping like crazy even though i was basically done she drove me and nate (who was sleeping over my house that night) to her boyfirends house wher his parents were in florida...when i came to at his ihouse i realised the events of jareds house and the rideover were actually real and i fet horrible having scared people and breaking his cds which i am currently buying back for him. Thats it

My first trip was aweosme for me and it made me think about the next time. I would recoment not comining the drug with alcohal unless yo are sure you have plenty of time cuz i was rushed into ending my rip and that caused the whole dream issue. I woudl also suggest being in a place you really know because being lost is probabely th scariest thing ever. Id liketo thank tyhe runner of the shroomery because without this site i woudl have never been able to handle a good level 3/4 trip on my first time.

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