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first trip!

a couple of weeks ago my friend and I got a quarter of shrooms.

a couple of weeks ago my friend and I got a quarter of shrooms.. idk wut kinds they were cause this is my first time taking them... I dont know how much wait i ate but im pretty sure i ate 13 dryed mini ones, i drank em down with a full bottle of water then waited for them to kick in... When they hit me i felt drunk at first.. they soon took over about an hour later and i couldnt not stop talking. i would talk about the most random things.. i soon seen colors that would fly across my vision... ( i like that ) but when i looked at the shadow on the wall it looked like skulls.. this was not scary but weird.. soon after that things started to morph into other things but they would not move nor talk they were just there... this freeked me out.. i was being really annoying so my friends tryed to calm me down... i soon called my sister to come and pick me up... she was gunna eats some and so was here boyfriend... when she got there to pick me up i was so over happy for some reason... we went back to her boyfriends and hate more... from here on was so funn that it made me want to try them again... i wish i had some one to get them from...

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