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First Trip was awesome!

I had been hunting for some time and doing research about different mushrooms that are found in my area.

I had been hunting for some time and doing research about different mushrooms that are found in my area. After some time of hunting, I finally found some psilocybe caerulipes which are a very potent strain of mushrooms. I was extremely happy and decided to trip with them that very night. I called a buddy of mine to join in, but was very disappointed to find he was working that night, so I decided to do it on my own. I had found about 25-30 medium sized mushrooms that had turned very blue and looked extremely good to eat. I am living with my uncle, who is only a few years older than me, but is against pot so I figured he wouldn't be cool with mushies too. When he finally went to be, around 11:30, I made tea out of the fresh mushrooms (5 caps and stems) that I chopped up and let simmer for about 20 mins. I started drinking the tea around midnight and turned on Dark Side of the Moon on my iPod(I had decided a few months earlier that this was going to be the first album I tripped to). I was very excited and hoping that it was going to be great!

Literally 15 mins later, I started to notice the effects (things were getting bright, I was laughing for no reason). About 35 mins into the trip, I really started to see the walls change and the music started to get the "great" sound like when I am really stoned. I was about throught Brain Damage when the trip really took off. I didn't want to smoke since it was my first time and decided to start burning some incense. I had so much trouble lighting the stick because I couldn't seem to keep the light still in order to light it. I started laughing at myself again and finally got the thing lit. After DSOTM was over, I turned on the T.V. and watched some late night South Park, it was the most I ever remember laughing in my life. The episode ended and it was about 1 am, an hour in. I was really seeing the walls move like crazy and my hardwood floor looked like it had hundreds of little rives flowing. In the walls a saw faces looking at me and the originally freaked me out because I was expecting there to be people talking to me this quickly. I then decided to eat more shrooms because I wanted the very awesome hallucinations. I ate another 8 stems and caps on a PBJ sandwich which went down very smooth (I now like the taste of ps. caerulipes and eat them plain).

So about another half and hour (1:30 am) goes by and I just couldn't get comfortable with any place I was sitting so I decided to get my iPod again and go outside. I turned on 311's transistor and walked about 2 miles from my house. Along the way I felt unbelievable euphoria and just a sense of excitement with my experience. I kept talking to all the tree that I passed telling them "holy shit, this is amazing! and the trees were talking back to me telling me that Shrooms are the best and I should keep doing them. It was amazing how everything looked, I knew exactly where I was, but it seemed like I was in a brand new place because of how different the scene looked. My peripheral vision was as if I was watching a laser light show and just looking awesome. I was half way through the transistor album and just sat down in some grass not to far from my house and looked up at the sky. This is when I started thinking very deeply and contemplating why I was on earth and what God wanted me to do in my life. I am fairly religious, but consider myself extremely spiritual and in commune with nature. The stars were dancing across the sky and I kept thinking how happy I was to be alive and all the things I wanted to do with my life. I have really grown disillusioned with the American "grind" that we are supposed to go through our adult lives and at that very moment, I decided I would never let money control me the was it had up till that point. I started to have some strong hallucinations at the point because I think that the sandwich was kicking in at the point and I was tripping extremely hard. I realized that I needed to get home because I didn't want to get caught by some cops (two passed me on my walk).

I made my way home and looked at the clock, It was around 2:30 and my walk had lasted only 1 hour, but it seemed like a lifetime because of all the hallucinations and thoughts about life. I also came to another realization, that time is completely meaningless and life should be all about experiences that are positive. I talked to God alot that night and just seemed that he was communicating to me through a new medium. I sat back down on my couch and closed my eyes, I saw very intense CEV and was very happy with my first trip. By 3:30 am, I wanted to sleep, but couldn't so I layed on my bed for another hour or so and finally fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day, I remembered quite a few of my dreams and they seemed extremely real to me. I also woke up completely refreshed and felt like I had slept for 8 hours when it was really only 5. I also feel that my world has been opened to a whole new reality and my spiritual life has grown since. I now trip with friends and family (brother and sister) and have realized that it is a great social buzz and extremely fun. I do enjoy my solo trips though, because unlike being with people, I am able to have the inward thoughts and contemplation. I highly recommend solo trips!

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