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first trip in full detail.

This is a very long summery of my trip.

This is a very long summery of my trip. Personnaly i think it is quite interesting if you feel like reading it all. if your about to shroom for the first time this might give you a good idea of what to expect..so have fun and happy Booming.

It all started after i bought 2 1/8's for me and my friend. After school we ate them in my car inside of peanut butter sandwiches and washed them down with orange juice.(4:15pm) i ate about 2 and a half caps and 2 stems and he ate 2 caps and 3 stems (not quite the full 2 1/8s). We started driving towards the nearest town. about 20 mins in i felt weird feelings in my stomach...not too bad just sorta different. upon reaching the town we went to our highschool and drove down a gravel path near the baseball and football field. Now the feeling in my stomach was quite strong i almost felt sick and i started experiencing weird vibes. It is hard to explain but we saw a teacher running the track and he looked very awkward running the track and it gave me a very strange feeling.(40 mins in) The reason we went to our school is so my friend could talk to his girlfriend becuase her soccer practice was over. while he went and talked to her i stayed in my car as they started working very good. i experienced my first visual a tree off in the distance started morphing, i felt like i could morph it with my mind. well long story short we eventually left with my friend and his girlfriend to the next nearest town which was about 10 mins away. I was feeling the shrooms pretty strong by now and i was driving. i advise no one to drive on them, it was not a pleasant experience. on the 10 min drive i asked my friend several times if he was feeling it and he was saying "i dont feel shit." this was about about 50 mins to an hour after eating them.

Once we reached the town they could defenitly tell i was feeling it quite strong. they said i kept looking everywhere very fast and my speech sounded as if i was drunk. i could tell i was really messed up and my perception was really off. when i saw a stop sign far away it seemed like in the next second i would be right up to it. my car also seemed huge. then all of a sudden my friend goes. "oh shit dude, im feeling it now, its coming." eventually i made myself pull over becuase i realized that i was in no condition to drive and put friends lifes in danger. i parked the car at a bank near a park by a lake. as we got out in the open air, i had such a happy feeling. indescribable. everything looked beautiful, i felt like i was in a movie. we walked to the park and my friend described it to me as feeling sick but liking it. This was about 1 hour and 10 mins after eating them. we went out of a dock off the lake and it was amazing...my friend told me i kept saying "red hot chili peppers" and i realized that i was saying that becuase the lake and sunset reminded me of their album cover of "californication." These were the better happy points of my trip. more of my trip was filled with lots of low and downer feelings which i will now explain.

My friend was standing with his girlfriend on the dock and for somereason i kept wanting to be alone, so i walked off and sat in a fountain surrounded by trees in the park just thinking, i cant remember what exactly about but i remember having very confused thoughts. i remember also thinking "omg this is awsome" becuase of the visuals i was seeing. i was staring at the concrete seeing the most beautiful pyschadelic (sp?) patterns in the concrete. it was crazy. eventually they came and found me and we decided to walk around town. (1 hour and 30 mins in)

we didnt get very far. my paranoya started to kick in. i felt like everyone was staring at me and no i was doing a terrible thing, i was giving myself such bad thoughts. i thought everyone was looking at my shroomed out eyes and knowing what i have done. my friends tried calming me down saying "who cares people walk around here on drugs all the time their not gonna think your on shrooms and fuck what they think." but they couldnt convice me. as we were standing on the sidewalk near some stores we saw some guys we new drive by. they turned around to come and talk to us. this didnt make it any better. i didnt care for these guys much and got bad feelings. before we approached them where they parked i was all "dont let them know we're shrooming" to him. He said "they already know, i told them we were going to" this sent my mind racing. i felt like they were people that shouldnt know, i dont know why i felt this so strongley. but anyways they wanted to smoke weed with my friends girlfriend and my friend, and i didnt want to smoke so we all got in the bed of his truck and layed down as he drove to a spot hidden by trees right by the lake. looking up at the sky while riding in the bed of the truck was awsome. i felt like i was tied by one arm to a strong enough cieling fan that was spinning me around and around.

so once we got to the smoke spot they started asking us stuff about our trips because they had shroomed before and they were actually really nice but i still had bad feelings for them. after they were done smoking it was about 2hours and 15 mins after eating them. they left and did their own thing and then it was just me, my friend and his girlfriend. we started walking back to the park, i dont know why but we were. i remember having trouble walking strait. now back at the park we were walking on the sidewalk near the street. i turn around and see a cop car coming. i say "oh shit here comes a cop". they look back and see it. my friend has a pipe and weed on him, and tosses it into a trash can next to us. i do not know how the cop did not see. but he didnt. i remember telling him "nice one that wasnt noticable at all" sarcastically. and as the cop drives by at 5mph he is staring at us and my freind runs up to him going "hey! hey! hey!" trying to get his attention. at this point i knew we were fucked. i saw my whole future planned out for me in a blink of an eye. the disgrace i would recieve from parents, a night in jail on shrooms to sober up. well the reason my friend ran up to the cop was that he thought the cop saw him throw the weed and pipe away and he didnt want any trouble with the cop. but , the cop just kept driving by and didnt even stop to talk to him. at this point we were all freaking out. i remember thinking he was coming back for us. he put his hands and his face and said "oh my god". i remember he was sweating perfusely. he then went on a bad trip. he started yelling at me and his girlfriend to get away from him. i remember just repeting "dude what is going on" and all of a sudden he started running buck ass wild down the street. i was very confused i didnt know what was happening. his girlfriend just said "omfg follow me" so i just followed her and asked her alot "what was going on"

after walking around town for about 10 mins looking for him we decided to look back at the park and that was where we found him. he says "im sorry, i went on a trip" and him and his girlfriend had an argument thing, while me and my mind were off in our own little world. so we went to a grassy part of the park and i sat on a bench while they sat in the grass. this was about 3 hours into the trip. so it was about 7:00pm and it was dusk nearing dark. i spent a good time on the bench just thinking and staring. i remember staring down at the grass and it would grow up towards me. that was one of my favorite visuals. i thought avbout many things. i remember thinking about my family alot and how innocent i couldve been. i had many low thoughts for a while i remember being stuck in a "thought loop" i kept thinking the cop would come back for us, and then i would think, wait im not doing anything wrong im sitting on a bench, why would he come talk to me, and then i would think about the cop again and got paranoid, then i would think, wait were just normal kids at the park...and this went on for a while. i eventually got off the bench and walked further away from my friend and his girlfriend on a different bench and sat for a while. here i saw the physchadelic patterns in the concrete again. they were even moving and spinning. at about 8:30 (4 1/2 hours ) i went and to tell them that i was going to my car to get a sweat shirt becuase i was cold. we all decided to go back to the car.

we arrived at the car and decided to sit in it for a while. it was pretty much dark outside. my friend found a huge knife that one of my other friends left in my car and that tripped me out for a second, but it was a cool trip for some reason, i had no feelings of fearing my friend with a knife. then the problem came up that the girl need to get home. and i said "i think im ok now ill drive you" now by this time things were getting even worse than before and she said "ok where is the blinker at?" and i seriously could not remember what the blinker was. my only answer was "uhhhh... uhhhm....uhhh" things from this point get sorta hard to remember but i do remember alot. i kept saying im ok now ill drive you home and luckily they both refused , knowing i was in no position to drive. i dont remember but they said i started dry heaving and sweating really really bad. i do remember honking my horn for a long time for no reason too. a really strange thing happened to me also. i couldnt understand what they were saying. the words coming out of their mouths seemed like jibberish or just random words, i remember this faintly but know it happened. i eventually calmed down from that and came back into a semi reality. my friend decides to call his parents for a ride home and i started saying "no dude their gonna know, no dont" and while i wasnt paying attention he called, and was talking to his mom and i started freaking out and yelling i guess and made him hang up on his mom. so eventually he got it straightened out and explained that we needed a ride becuase i had too many drinks at a friends house and his dad was on his way to pick us up. this is where all hell breaks loose for me.

we got out of my car and walked to where his dad said to meet at. we were standing on the corner of a crowded street at night with headlights flashing by. i started having very terrible racing thoughts and looped thinking. i started by thinking my parents were gonna find out i was on shrooms. i kept thinking about it. then i remember i was thinking that it was ok though and everyone was on a set path to do shrooms and that i was stuck in a time loop. i thought once my trip was over everything would be ok (which it was going to be) but i would be where i was earlier in the day. there are so many ways to describe it , it is quite hard. i then started thinking that the key to life was figured out once you do shrooms and that life is actually just a trip. eventually i started thinking the world was ending and that i was actually dying. some how i thought that there was going to be an after life though. this is the most ive thought about this part of my trip and im now realizing how strange it is. it could be related to how possibly afterlife might be, if there is one. i remember thinking my parents would have been dissapointed in me in real life but in after life they would love me and be proud of me in the after life, once my trip was over which meant i was dead. very confusing but thats what i was thinking. you need to experience it to truley understand. my friends said i kept pacing back and forth. and i kept saying "it's real." eventually at about 9:15 we got picked up and i was bouncing in and out of reality. everything was so confusing but made so much sense at the same time. we got in the car and i can barely remember the car ride. my world ending thoughts were still very strong. my god as i keep typing im remembering my thoughts, this is truely insane, but i now remember i was thinking the car was our time vessel to death and my friends dad was along with us. i remember hearing them all talking and it seemed like no real words. i remember hearing random words and a bunch of "mumbo jumbo." eventually we dropped off the girl and got to my friends house. i started coming too. i still had thoughts of the afterlife thing but it seemed too peaceful, me being at a friends house and i just kept thinking. its ok, im ok i survived. and we walked inside and his mom said "hey MY NAME, you have a little too much fun tonight" and i just said "i guess" and went into my friends room to lay down, and he said dude are you ok. and i said yes i think. and he went in the shower and i layed there trying to figure out what just happened. i looked at the clock at it was 9:55. my trip lasted nearly 6 hours. 4:00pm - 10:00pm. when he came back i was pretty much done tripping and he was done tripping a while ago, and we talked about it and just laughed at all the stupid crap and then passed out.

in conclusion, the trip had its ups and downs, lows and highs, but i learned alot from it and would like to do shrooms more.

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