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First Trip Bad Choices

I recently just had my first trip this wednesday, and I cant say the first half of it was making me want to trip ever again.

I recently just had my first trip this wednesday, and I cant say the first half of it was making me want to trip ever again....

It all started when I bought these shrooms from this kid who had told me they were possibably the strongest shrooms hes had...he took an eight (this was probably his 20th time tripping)and he said it was way too much for him and he had to throw it all up, trip over...

Well I ended up buying an eight from him and I decided I couldnt wait til the weekend and I had to sit around the next day so Id have a chance to sleep, So I waited til 10:30 that night, after fasting all day, and made myself a shroom pb n j. I quickly ate it and drank a cup of orange juice. I still live with my parents (one more year...) so I decided Id goto my room before they said something to me, I went and sat down and watched some tv, called some friends waiting for something to happen....

Then I started thinking wierd shit like my arms look too long or my fingers are too stubby.... I went to my bathroom and I noticed my shampoo bottles shifting and shit it wierded me out and when I went back to my room every single thing was breathing and I could of sworn my carpet was growing...however slowly... most of the time coming up I was on the phone. I noticed it calmed me down, but after awhile nobody could/wanted to talk so I sat watching tv and then peoples bodies were getting all distorted, like their bodies would be like big "c"s and when a show started I noticed some light stands they should be normally standing straight where all at wierd angles.

This is when I started freaking out, I thought I should try listening to music to calm myself down but when I put my headphones on I thought they were attacking me, that coupled with the fact the music sounded really slow I decided that it wasnt too calming. I crawled under my covers on my bed and then I started thinking like why are they so long...big w/e. I tried sitting in my chair watching tv again when I heard my parents going to their room, it freaked me out cause there voices seemed really close to my room and then the phone rang (I later found out it was someone i called on my homephone and they thought it was my cell) at 12:15 so I was freaking out like my parents are going to be pissed and there going to come in here to talk to me... it never happened but it got me all wierded out for a bit. Then things started getting intense I tried turning off the lights... it didnt work the room was glowing and lights were flashing out of no where, I turned the lights on again and I thought the whole room was turned on the side and everyhthing looked like it was on one side of the room...I look at my chair and covers and the patterns where changing/moving.

I was so tired I was flipping out also so I decided (stupidly) after 2 and 1/2 hours in Id try throwing it up...it didnt work I threw up into the toilet and the throw up looked like there was a whole shroom sitting in it so i decided to touch it...ewww bad idea it was just puke.. I tried calming down and I called a good friend and I got paranoid cause his repsonses on the phone seemed so delayed I hung up on him then I noticed my tub filling/draining with water and my towel hanging on the curtain rack waving crazily.

It only got more intense frome here on (It felt for a short period of time like it went away when I went downstairs but when I sat down i felt it again and rushed back to the safety of my room) I looked at my arms and hands and they semed to turn into baby hands...that freaked me out so I tried watching tv and for some reason espn souded like a good idea, well there was a basketball game rerun from earlier on and the players arms and legs seemed to strech out sooo long and there bodies and heads shrank. The commentators voices messed with me too since they seemed slow and I couldnt see the people talking. I turned the tv to a channel with no shows (the guide channel) and turned the volume down, turned of the lights and put the covers over my head I could here everything the tv was saying and it seemed so goddamn loud...then the voices started to echo (The the new the new show new is is good is good) I was really freaki gout and I decided to turn off the tv and lay down... well this point I dont remember too much I remember when I got up the walls started flashing red...wierd because they are red..but it was different like the walls were white with a red strobelight.Before I passed out I was hearing jazz music without anything in my room on...wierd shit I remember thinking i was in a dream world when my eyes were closed then I would open them thinking it had been 2 hours ...with like 2 minutes passing and thinking i was at this wierd restaurant... At 2:30 I came back to uhhh conciousness and I peaked again (everyone told me that these shrooms have two peeks I dunno if this is possible but It sure as hell felt like it
This peek was much better than the last in the way it was more fun and less intense on me, I remember seeing a human like thing dancing infront of my clock, seeing a hole in my wall and putting my hand thru it....I dunno what I actually did but It felt like i did, feeling my face and thinking my hands were huge and my face was tiny, the room blurring all around me and my skin moving in the mirror, it wore off around 4:50 (the last time I remember looking at the clock)

I ended up buying another eight today and I am wondering how much I should do (Im going to do it tonight) and what I should do to make the trip better tonight

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