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First trip and fell in love

Me n my two buds were in Whistler, BC.

Me n my two buds were in Whistler, BC. and I brought up the idea of wanting to do shrooms. Them not being big into drugs agreed they would if I somehow found some. So I randomly asked a guy in the village (who was wearing a multi coloured hat) if he knew where I could get some. He said he deals chocolate muchrooms, and to go to his place and grab some. So we did. Went back to our hotel room which became the most exciting room in the next few hours.

We took about 2.5 grams each and were just sitting watching tv. for 30 min and were pissed off cuz we thought they weren't gonna kick in. So one of my buds left to go to a store n grab some snacks. While he was gone my buds said " ahh my legs feel funny" and thats all it took. We started laughing at the stupidest shit. We really couldn't stop. My other bud gets back and I screamed when i saw him cuz he scared the shit outta me... then he started laughin.. and this continued for hours.. we kept eating candy becasue it felt it was foaming in our mouths. We couldn;t beleive how much water was involved.. our eyes, noses, everything seemd to water. Then it got really trippy. I started hearing bells, then I kept thinking i saw cats. The everything started breathing around me, but didn't scare me.. it was just allowed to at this moment. then i decided to look at the ceiling and it had faces and shapes moving all around. We coldn't get over it. But then the couch patterns started to fall off the couches, and anyone who sat on it the pattern would be on thier face.. really tripped me out. then whenever we opened our mouths it felt like our jaw was droppin' to the ground so we were afraid to talk to each other for a lil while. Then it got even more intense.. i developed a split personality, one of my buds couldn't grapst the concept of why we used phones, and the other was questioning everything possible. then i was looking at pictures of me and i didn't believe it was the same person.. then i was gettin into the subject of there being parrellel worlds, and poeple not on shrroms are in one world and the rest are in another.. haha it totally made sense to me. One bud described it as everyone having 6 skins (??wtf) and we were on the 5th skin and everyone else was on their frist.. i dunno.. we couldn't believe how long this trip was lasting.. it would feel liek2 hrs have gone by and it would only be 30 minutes. We had to get up to catch a plane at 7am.. and we couldn't fall asleep till 5.. but all agreed it was sooo worth it.

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