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First trip = greatest experience ever.

August 31, 2003, Sunday.

August 31, 2003, Sunday. Psilocybin - (C12H17O4P) (sacred / Psychedelic / Magic mushroom experience #1)

I read about the affects of mushrooms on a human for about 2 months prior to ingesting them. The plan was to split a half an ounce between me, "R", and "J". We ended up in "J's" basement, with the $200.00 worth of musrooms in front of us, and some apple juice to wash it down. The three of us each ate about $55.00 worth, each, because we decided to give our friend "C" about $35.00 worth. It was around 7:30 p.m. when we had them down.
Three other girls, we will call them "A" , "E", and "J2" ate about the same as us, and we all decided to head up into a forest/field/hill/mountian covered area called "mineral creek". We had our friend "S" keeping an eye on us. They had been in our systems for about 30 minutes, so i was getting a slight body high. We needed to get it started somehow. "E" decided we would play a game. We would all run to the top of the mountian to get the treasure...and gorillas were chasing us. We started sprinting up the mountian without a second thought. The gorillas were chasing us for a few minutes, until we got tired of running, so we decided they were taking naps, so we could walk.
We got to the top of the mountian and had a view of our whole town. I had the most overwealming feeling I have ever experienced in my entire life. I did not know what to think, so I started screaming "Oh my god!" as loud as i could. We looked over the town for a while and decided to head down a trail to our right. We ended up inside of a cloud (we were on top of a mountian, remember) and it gave everything around me a musty aura. "C" was not anywhere in sight, I thought he went home. We walked down into some kind of a pit and sat around and looked at things. We saw these dead plants, a species we had never noticed or seen before. They had a slimy residue on them. We thought it was pretty fun and funny to throw the slime at eachother. I started looking at the strange plant and i compared it to my life. I don't know why I did this, but I think "J2" was doing the same. I decided i would jump down and break the strange plants down, and "J2" became upset and started saying "you destroyed life!", it made me feel bad, I didn't mean to destroy life.
We were about 1.5 hours into it, well into the peaking stage. I started to think crazy thoughts, things I had never thought about before. I was thinking about evolution, time, distance, space, the planets, how it all worked. I kept thinking of little things that made so much sense, and others that did not make any sense at all. "C" had a bright orange shirt on that was easily noticable, and he came down from over the hill, and we were all very happy. I felt a transfer of energy between me and my friends. I felt it stronger around "J" and "R" for some reason, i still don't know. I was still thinking about life and how it works, and I felt like I had to tell everyone around me what I was thinking. Probly a bad idea (they were all tripping also, so they obviously were not going to listen to what I had to say. The thought suddenly crossed my mind, plants and animals are the only living things on earth. Animals can express themselves through movement, language, and emotion (body language). Plants can't express themselves, but they are still alive. Noone would listen to me so I decided I
would talk to a plant, I needed to get everything off my mind. They all looked at me like I was insane, but it didnt matter. My ego was totally absent, I didn't give a fuck about what other people said (this feeling was leftover, something i learned, not to worry about other people accepting me, if they cant, fuck them.)
It was very wet on top of the mountian, it had been raining for about a week strait before we this was all going on. We were all soaked, cold, and probly hungry, but I didn't notice and/or care. I started running through the trees and felt like I was in Vietnam. I looked at "R" and he was totally soaked, and had pale white skin from the cold, he cut his hand and put his blood on his face. I thought he was dying. I told everyone "R is dying you guys!", but noone would listen to me, yet again. Food was very strange. "J" was throwing beef jerky at me. I put a piece in my mouth, it tasted alright but i didn't want to swollow it. It just didn't feel natural to eat processed bullshit like that, so i spit it into my hands and rubbed the meat in between my figers (giving off an awesome feeling). It was starting to get dark, and I feel I learned the true meaning of the word "insanity". Everything was totally insane and out of order. Out of order, yet so perfect and natural in every way.
"S" decided it was time to go. He started leading us out of Mineral Creek. Time was strange. It felt like we had been on that mountian all night, we looked at "C"'s watch, we had only been there for about an hour and a half or so. "R" and I started to fall behiend the group. We came off the mountian into a field. It was pitch dark, I didn't know where I was going. I had the strangest experience at this point, I saw all my friends in front of me, so is started to run up to them. They just seemed to have vanished. They were all behiend me again. I started to run back, and they were ahead of me again. I forgot what right and left were, or if they even existed. This caused the most extreme paranoia I had ever experienced in my life. I huddled onto the ground and had an out of body experience. I felt my soul or spirit or whatever you want to call it, fall out of the right side of my torso and fall onto the ground. It looked like a whiteish/grayish version of myself. I only saw this out of the corner of my eye for a split second, but I did feel it happen. (Sounds very farfetched, but totally true.)
I started yelling for help and "S" flashed a flashlight and said "over here". I felt like he saved my life. I dont think "R" knew what was going on, so i walked back to the truck with him. We all got in and headed to "J"'s house because his parents were gone for the weekend.
I walked in and took my shoes off. It was the strangest feeling, having my wet feet in my wet socks on the lanolium floor. It felt good though. I headed down into the basement and hung out with "J", "R" and "C". "J" had a pink floyd poster on his wall that kind of freaked me out a little. I started looking at the walls and ceiling. The walls started to "breath" you could say and the ceiling started to "Melt".
A lot of people came over for a drinking party when we were about 4 hours into the trip. They kind of freaked me out, I was scared to go upstairs, they were all very loud. We just hung out in the basement until they left and we calmed down a little. Tried to play music, it was kind of hard to concentrate, but when i got it, it was way cool.
It started to wear off after about 7 or 8 hours. We ended up going to sleep around 4:30 or 5am. The next day seemed strange, returning to my origional perception of the world, it was just very plain and boring again. It was probly one of the greatest experiences of my life, and i grew from it and learned a lot about real things that you would not of been able to learn in school. I would not consider this a drug, I would consider it mind expansion or soul excavation.

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